D&D 5E DMs: How Old Are You?

DMs Only: How Old Are You

  • Teens/High School

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Early 20s/College

    Votes: 11 4.9%
  • Mid 20s -- Early 30s/Just Starting Out

    Votes: 38 17.0%
  • Mid-30s - Early 40s/Young Kids and Stuff

    Votes: 96 42.9%
  • Mid 40s - 50s/Settled

    Votes: 76 33.9%
  • 60s+/Older than Vecna ;)

    Votes: 3 1.3%

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Heh. I think this poll demonstrates one thing very clearly. Us En Worlder's are OLD. :D Bring on the NEW. Good grief, not ONE teen age DM? 179 votes and not a single one? Yeeesh. I hope that's just skewing because of where we are. I'd love to see a similar poll on other sites - WOTC, Paizo, that sort of thing. Three quarters of us are mid thirties and older? :/

42, been DMing since 1980 or so.

According to the poll "DMs only" it would indicate that the DMs are old.:D


I turn 46 at the end of the month. Married, no children. Been a DM/GM since 1988, starting with AD&D/2e.

I believe all my players are in their 40s. About half are married with children. My one friend's 12 year-old son games with us -- and he recently announced his plan to GM a LLB Traveler campaign for his friends (no adults allowed).


I am actually grateful for the poll. In the past we were trending more towards D&D becoming the "bridge" of the retirement community. Now, it seems ages are trending younger. Which is awesome!!


Not your screen monkey (he/him)
Where are the teenagers? If my daughter and her friends are any example, I'd guess they're on Tumblr.


I did a similar poll a while back asking when people got into the game and the 80s and 90s were the clear winners both here and at RPG.net. Only TheRPGSite skewed to the 70s and 80s. As someone has said, probably a reflection of how old and outdated forums are. All the kids are on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter.

Myself, I'm 38, soon to be 39, and I started at age 11 with Moldvay Basic. An older friend took me through B2, and afterwards gave me the Basic and Expert Rules because he'd moved on to AD&D. I went home, read the rules, and either that day or the next started DMing for my sister. So 27 years, now.


53 years old with 4 duaghters. Ages 25, 23, 21,and 15. Two of them are active gamers and DMs. I have been playing fairly steadily since 1977ish. Started DMing about a year after I started playing.


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Yup. But look at it the other way around. For a married parent to have taken up adventuring, there must have been a powerful motive of some kind. That's a plot hook for the DM to leverage !

Ha. If I ever get to be on the player side of the table any-time soon, this just might be part of my character background. All the good action heroes are parents.

30. No wife. No kids. Played D&D in elementary and middle school, but stopped in high school and only got back into it a year and a half ago.

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