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D&D 5E DMs: How Old Are You?

DMs Only: How Old Are You

  • Teens/High School

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Early 20s/College

    Votes: 11 4.9%
  • Mid 20s -- Early 30s/Just Starting Out

    Votes: 38 17.0%
  • Mid-30s - Early 40s/Young Kids and Stuff

    Votes: 96 42.9%
  • Mid 40s - 50s/Settled

    Votes: 76 33.9%
  • 60s+/Older than Vecna ;)

    Votes: 3 1.3%


Yup. But look at it the other way around. For a married parent to have taken up adventuring, there must have been a powerful motive of some kind. That's a plot hook for the DM to leverage !

Of course it can happen, i am not denying that. Its just that if the guy/gal is an adventurer, he might not stick around as much as the other one would like, be it by actually just succeeding and being away months on end, or because of the fear of him actually dying. Some people cant handle the loneliness or the fear for your loved one.

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Jan van Leyden

53, married and kids of 13 and 15 years. DMing since '83, wife playing in our regular group, son (13) clamoring for me to run a game for him and his (not so enthused) friends.

Yesterday our daughter (15 years old, 11th grade in school) told me that she stumbled across a group of male, nerdy pupils in the schoolyard who were discussing games. She asked what they were talking about and they answered "D&D, but you won't know that." Her Nerd Creds skyrocketed when she told the boys that she already played D&D 6 years ago.


38. Married, no kids (yet). Been DMing since '88.

From what I've seen from my existing group (67 members to date, though not all are regularly active), part of the reason we don't see too many young DMs (or, rather, too many new DMs of any age) is that new members are generally brought into an existing group, and it can be intimidating to run a game for a group of people who each have more years gaming than you have being alive, and many of whom have been running games since the dawn of time. Which is a real shame, actually - one of the few new GMs we had brought a refreshingly new take to the game he was running that those of us who were more set in our ways would probably never have even considered.


44. Played and DMed from 82 to 89, and then didn't start playing again until 2007.

It seems the younger people playing today are mostly playing with us older people. I started DMing when I was 12 but I was playing with other 12 year olds. As a teen I probably would have been intimatated to DM a group of 30 and 40 year olds.


Retired game store owner
Sorry, young man, but I'm 68 :] and I've been DMing since 1977. I claim the internet !
You've got me beat! I'm just 66, but you and I started playing and DMing about the same time.

I'm surprised no teen DMs. I know several, even a pre-teen DM or 2. I guess they don't spend much time on the boards.

Viking Bastard

I'm 30, but I chose the 'Young Kids and Stuff' option, as I'm married with a four year old daughter. This is pretty standard timing here.

I DMed my first game at 9, the day after I first got introduced to D&D (love at first roll).

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