D&D 5E Do you want D&D Next to succeed?


Will you be happy if the game is popular, even if it's not one you'd want to play?
I am overjoyed by anything that keeps the hobby alive and prospers it.

Will you be willing to give it a try to support the D&D brand that has brought so many people years of fun, even if the rules aren't perfect? (And really, have you ever thought any version of D&D had perfect rules?)
Define "try". I'm more than willing to give it a shot. We played 4e for 2-3 months before deciding it wasn't a good fit. I see no reason not to give 5e the same courtesy, other than that the play test will probably serve the same purpose.

If it turns out to be a game that isn't as fun as something else, I don't have brand loyalty of the sort that would cause me to play the second-best game in a genre.

Do you trust that the game designers are people who love gaming, who want to help others have fun, and who are trying to make a game that best encapsulates what they think the audience wants D&D to be?
Yes. Absolutely. They have bosses, though, who may be great or may be another Lorraine Williams.

Do you think that the benefits of having Hasbro's infrastructure to help market, distribute, and sell the game outweigh whatever limitations might be passed down from a corporate level?
Only time will tell. Hasbro obviously doesn't have contempt for games, in general. Whether they "get" table-top RPGs well enough is an open question, though. It may be a moot point, if the CRPG market weakens the TTRPG market sufficiently.

Will you not begrudge your fellow gamers if they have different tastes than you?
After gaming for 30 years, the preference for AD&D vs 3e vs 4e seems petty. To me, AD&D still defines the kernel of D&D. Whatever comes after that must respect it in more ways than just name. But, I'd rather see people playing a TTRPG that isn't what I consider D&D rather than see the hobby die. I may not play at your table, but that probably doesn't say anything about my feelings toward the people present.

Let's stand behind D&D Next. What do you say?
If 5e is fun and suits my needs/style, I'll absolutely choose it. If I don't care for it, I'll be playing Shadowrun, WoD, or something of the sort. I wouldn't play 3e or 4e again. I won't knock your choice, but you'll find me as scarce around here as I was during the 4e run. I spent several years struggling with 3e and trying to "make it work" before realizing that I just didn't care for it. I won't do that again. I don't have nearly enough recreation time to waste any of it not having fun.

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DM Howard

Well at the very least there will be the "What modules are you using?" discussion which looks like the same thing pretending not to be. There will be a very large number of combinations of modules not just a handful like editions.

And on that topic you are hoping for the demise of Pathfinder 4e & all the other hold outs.

No, no. I love all those other games like Pathfinder, Savage Worlds and Fantasycraft. What I meant is that when people are talking about D&D, not RPGs in general but D&D, they won't ask what edition.

I kind of see what you're saying with the modules but it almost seems as if at least on the player side each player can use the module he likes the best and it will all fit together. At least that's what I've gathered from reading and listening to podcasts. I might easily be wrong there or misunderstood something.


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I want it to succeed for the sole purpose of D&D.

I felt like I was witnessing the end of a great game with 4e (no offense, just my opinion) and that the fact Pathfinder was doing so well scared me.

I love pathfinder, I'm introducing some people to it tomorrow, should be a blast, but saying "I'm playing Dungeons & Dragons" is just that much more awesome. Everyone knows the name D&D, and explaining the brutal recent history is a mouth full, especially when you're explaining it to your Girl Friend's mom.

I call Pathfinder D&D often, and I feel D&D is actually a state of mind.
Does it have Dungeons?
Does it have Dragons?
Then it's D&D.
So I would like it to do well, for the sake of D&D, I'll probably still play Pathfinder, DCC, Palladium Fantasy, Basic Fantasy, and a homebrew Call of Cthulhu medieval.

I want it to live for the sake of the game, not my sake.


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I absolutely want D&D Next to succeed. In a big way across all generations of D&D fans. If for no other reason than to shut all the edition wars the F*** up.

Having more players to enjoy the game with is a boon as well.

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