Dockside Diversion/Still Waters


Zelena considers it before moving to Celebfedhiin and using the gnomish ability to talk with animals and briefly explains and asks her if she will track the half-orc that got away so that he can get his for hurting Syl.

The gnome also says a few words to Waltor commending him for his skills in defending the unconscious Syl.

She looks up and nods to Borric, "lets get him..."

(( Since Celebfedhiin is not trained to track, it is good to be able to explain what we want to the hound. :D ))

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Celebfedhiin barks her agreement though only Zelena understands her. "Yes! Find half-orc for hurting Syl-Puppy!" She moves around the courtyard sniffing into doorways and along the hard-packed ground. Celebfedhiin circles one particular spot, the spot the group remembers first seeing Baggett. Apparently he stood some time in that place.

With nose to the ground and a rumble low in her throat Celebfedhiin lumbers down the alley in pursuit. The trail winds through alleys and back to the main dock. Passers-by and other enticing, trail-crossing scents distract Celebfedhiin but Zelena manages to keep her on task with repeated verbal reminders and encouragements.

It's not long before Celebfedhiin leads the group to the two guardsmen sent ahead where they stand speaking to a local fishwife. "...past here easy as you please, not a care in the world!" She points off down towards the fish market. The two rejoin their captain and the group as Celebfedhiin leads off down the dock to the open air market.

The fish market severely taxes Celebfedhiin's tracking ability and concentration. Crowds of people and the stong scent of fish is everywhere. Celebfedhiin frequently stops to sniff a fish and look at Zelena with big, dark eyes with a whimpered, "Want?" Finally she makes it through the market and stops at the muddy river's edge where it laps against the wall of the city. She sniffs a dead fish floating in the water nearby and then flops down and puts her head on her paws. By this time Zelena's spell has worn off.

One of the lizardfolk guard slips into the water which is shallow for a couple of feet before dropping off into deeper water of the river. As the guard dives under and disappears from view the captain turns to the group. "If he went into the water here he couldn't have gotten far."


First Post
Nathan Tchanlach, human sorcerer

Nathan frowns, scanning the surface of the water.

"I'm not much of a swimmer," Nathan says. "I'd prefer to avoid dunking in if we can. Is there anything on the other bank, or do we think he just got wet to avoid this very tactic?"

Nathan Tchanlach Human Sorcerer 4
Initiative: +4 Perception: +0

Conditions: Mage Armor (1 hour), Bless (5 minutes)
In Hand: None

AC: 15 (19)
touch: 14 (18) ; flat-footed: 12 (16)
(value in parenthesis w/ mage armor)
HP: 32/32
CMB: +2 CMD: 16 Fort: +3* Ref: +4* Will: +5*
* Additional +1 trait bonus vs. divine spells
Resistances: Resist 5 Acid and Cold.

Spells: Cantrips (DC 14): Dancing Lights, Detect Magic, Drench, Mending, Message, Prestidigitation, Spark
1st (DC 15): Bless, Grease (DC 16), Magic Missle, Snapdragon Fireworks, Summon Minor Monster, Vanish. Remaining: 4/7
2nd (DC 16): Glitterdust (DC 17), Resist Energy, Create Pit (DC 17, missing focus). Remaining: 4/5

Wand Charges: 45/47

Heavenly Fire: 7/7 remaining[/sblock]


Borric Hawkins, Male Human Fighter

Borric clanks along, bringing up the rear in his hideous platemail since he cannot keep pace with the others when they move fast. Reaching the water, he frowns in frustration, "Well, ain't that a pisser. Yeah, I am not up for swimming either."

"Let's let the guard pursue the watery trail and we will continue searching around for him in case this is a diversion to evade pursuit."

[sblock=Mini Stats]Initiative: +4
AC: 23 (26 with shield, 21 flat-footed, 13 Touch)
HP: 53 Current: 53
CMB: +8 CMD: 21 (23 vs. Trip/Disarm) Fort: +7 Reflex: +4 Will: +3 (+4 vs. Fear)
Conditions in Effect: Ioun Torch (night), Step Up

Current Weapon in Hand: none
Chakram: 2/2 MWK & 6/6 Cold Iron remaining
Light Hammers: 2/2 remaining[/sblock]___________________________

Borric Hawkins


The rest of the lizardfolk guard slip into the water to continue the search up and down river for the elusive Baggett. "It's not possible that he can escape us now that he's gone into the river," says the captain before he goes. Their confidence is likely warranted and yet you can't help but think that Baggett surely knew of the lizardfolk guard, it is their city after all, and wouldn't have gone into the river without some trick to avoid them.

With the guard gone, the group of travelers clustered near the docks are free to make their way into a new city. Continuing the search on shore turns up no new leads. Nearby locals recall seeing the half-orc enter the water but none saw him exit. Celebfedhiin sniffs after strange scents along the dock but doesn't follow them for long; without Zelena's better communication available the hound seems more interested in finding a fish to gnaw on.

With a new direction the adventure continues in a new thread: Dwarven Crusade. Please continue posting there. The reward summary is below and also on the first post of this thread. As soon as the numbers are approved note your new xp totals and add your time-based gold and other treasures.

[sblock=Final XP/GP Summary]

Total Encounter GP: 10,820.3 gp (2,705 gp, 7 cp each)
Total Time-based Gold is listed above under each character's name. (If you've added TBG at any point during the adventure remember to subtract that amount from the number above before you add it to your character's finances.)

Experience: Time-based XP has been added as we go and is reflected in the xp totals in your character column on the right side of the above image.[/sblock]

Satin Knights

First Post
[sblock=Approved Numbers]
Crunching it down to the two final numbers that gets added to the character's wiki sheets.
Borric: ..Total Earnings: 5,903 XP and 6,887.07 GP
Nathan: Total Earnings: 5,643 XP and 6,576.07 GP
Sylvain: Total Earnings: 5,903 XP and 6,887.07 GP
Zelena: .Total Earnings: 5,708 XP and 6,653.07 GP
GM: 144 days for 10.08 GMC


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