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Let's see.

To start with, if we're calling it a Shadowraith then all uses of cairn wraith should become cairn shadowraith. Contrariwise, if we're using Cairn Wraith then the title needs changing.

Calling its defensive ability Umbral Blessing is rather vague. How about Umbral Armor or Coat of Shadows instead?

I'm also thinking a +2 to its Armour Class is a bit weak sauce. How about aiming for Armor Class 17 normally, AC 12 in sunlight? Then it'll be as easy to harm as a Specter when in daylight but becomes as tough to hit as a cairn wight in darkness?

That'd require lowering its Dexterity so it has a +2 DEX modifier.

I'm tempted to give it a boost to Stealth in darkness like a Shadow. Those have double proficiency on Stealth as well as the trait Shadow Stealth for even more sneakiness.

Not sure about Incorporeal Movement, maybe just give it Unearthly Movement so it's more like a Shadow?

Better yet, how about dropping Incorporeal Movement and adding the "can move through a space as narrow as 1 inch wide without squeezing" of the Amorphous trait to its Unearthly Movement?

Like so:

Unearthly Movement. The cairn shadowraith ignores difficult terrain formed from nonmagical earth, sand or rock. It moves across mud or quicksand as if it were solid ground and can move through a space as narrow as 1 inch wide without squeezing.​

Other ideas will need to wait. Got things to do.
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Okay, first question: should we give to the Cairn Shadowraith Athletics proficiency like a Stone Giant?

Second question: do you like the idea of it having vulnerability to radiant damage like a Shadow? I'd be equally OK if it was like a Specter or Wraith and didn't have any damage vulnerabilities.

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