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D&D 5E Download LEGO's The Red Dragon's Tale

The Red Dragon's Tale is a free 20-page adventure you can download from D&D Beyond.

The Red Dragon's Tale is a free 20-page adventure you can download from D&D Beyond (along with some digital dice and graphics). It's produced by WotC to go with LEGO's recent D&D set, which you build as you play through the adventure, and is four four 5th-level characters--pregenerated characters are provided for a gnome fighter, elf wizard, orc rogue, and dwarf cleric.

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I crit!
The adventure in which a 5th level party is thrown into a final three-way battle between an adult red dragon, a cr5 mage, and themselves and in which the only way to succeed is to defeat both mage and dragon 😂

If the dragon somehow rolls terribly, repeatedly, it's possible that the party can succeed...
Nevermind, she has 3x legendary resistance.

The rest of the adventure is fun! Having to shoehorn in the red dragon because it's part of the LEGO set I understand, but not as an unwinnable fight!

Who designed..
Oh. Oh Chris... 😢
Everything in D&D is a combat encounter with grantees the players will win. The orc armed with a pie, that gazebo, even the darkness.

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When in the cinemas LEGO: D&D the movie? And after LEGO: Witchlight, the animated show? And the videogame LEGO Stryxhaven?

Do we bet about a LEGO version of that future "death race" from Magic: the Gathering? It would be perfect to sell vehicles.

* Other point is a minimalist version of d20 5e would be possible for children and unitiated potential players from international market. And to play wargames with those rules.
I am now craving a Star Wars Lego Saga video game starring the Og cartoon characters.

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