D&D General Dragon Editor-in-Chief Kim Mohan Passes

Kim Mohan, known for work at TSR and Wizards of the Coast, editor-in-chief of Dragon Magazine, author of the AD&D 1E Wilderness Survival Guide, and much more, passed away yesterday aged 73.

Kim joined TSR in 1979, and became editor-in-chief of Dragon Magazine in 1989. He joined Gary Gygax's New Infinity Productions in 1986, but later returned to D&D, working on D&D 3E at WotC. He retired in 2013.

Industry veterans have been paying tribute to Kim on social media and elsewhere.

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From Matt Forbeck on Twitter:
Matt Forbeck said:
Kim Mohan's wife Pam reported that he died this morning. He was a giant in the field of tabletop roleplaying games, an amazing designer, writer, and editor, and a good friend too.

Looking up his Wikipedia entry, I realized that he was one of the huge cadre of game industry people who went to @Beloit_College, and he even spent 9 years as a writer for my hometown paper, the @BDNConnection.

I worked on a few projects with Kim at New Infinities (the company Gary Gygax founded after he was removed from TSR). I had the pleasure of working alongside him on D&D books at TSR and
@Wizards_DnD after that, although rarely directly.

Whenever I saw him, though, he always had a wry smile and a kind word. D&D wouldn't be as amazing as it is now without his steady editorial hand guiding it for so many years. Rest in peace, Kim.

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