D&D General Dragon Editor-in-Chief Kim Mohan Passes

Kim Mohan, known for work at TSR and Wizards of the Coast, editor-in-chief of Dragon Magazine, author of the AD&D 1E Wilderness Survival Guide, and much more, passed away yesterday aged 73.

Kim joined TSR in 1979, and became editor-in-chief of Dragon Magazine in 1989. He joined Gary Gygax's New Infinity Productions in 1986, but later returned to D&D, working on D&D 3E at WotC. He retired in 2013.

Industry veterans have been paying tribute to Kim on social media and elsewhere.

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In 1985 I was ten years old. I had been playing D&D for about a year or two and I got an electric typewriter for Christmas. (Yes, I'm old. Get over it.)

I typed up a bunch of my homebrew D&D stuff (classes, monsters, magic items, whatever), all of it absolutely terrible and juvenile. And for some reason, I put a bunch of it in an envelope and mailed it to the submissions dept. at TSR. A few weeks later I got a very official looking bundle back in the mail returning my manuscripts to me with a stock "thanks, but these aren't what we are looking for" form letter and a copy of the TSR submission and writing style guidelines.

Included was a very nice handwritten note from Kim Mohan encouraging me to keep writing.

Thanks, Kim!

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