Dragonbane: History?


Greetings, friends. So, my group and I have been playing Dragonbane for a few months now, and we really like it. It's an easy system; not too crunchy, not too narrative. It's fully supported on Roll20, which is necessary for us since we are geographically separate, and are all middle aged dudes with jobs, kids, etc. I am wondering if anyone here on ENWorld knows the history of this game? I know it's a BRP based system (Chaosium) and that it is based on an old Swedish variant of BRP. I'd love to know the details! Unfortunately, I don't speak, read, or write Swedish. I am only literate in 'Merican. Thanks everyone!

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Thank you! I suppose I could have just Googled it...:)
I was curious about the licensing from Chasosium. This article answered my questions!

aramis erak

THe first ed is pretty much the 1980 BRP booklet and its 1982 setting book MagicWorld. Without the other two settings (Future World and Super World). And released the same year.

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