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Dragonlance and Manual of the planes sales, from Ben Riggs


I crit!
Please note that these do not include the Dragonlance adventures.
Today in actual D&D sales numbers! Dragonlance and Manual of the Planes!

The three major setting releases for Dragonlance are charted below, with Fifth Age, a reboot of the setting in a new era and system, selling the worst.

Next, there is a chart comparing sales of Greyhawk setting material to Dragonlance, with the advantage going to the former. I want to note that none of these charts reflect Dragonlance adventure sales, and that regrettably, I have no Dragonlance adventure sales numbers. :(

Lastly, there is a chart for Jeff Grubb’s opus, Manual of the Planes.

As always, snips of hard numbers are in the comments.

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I crit!
Sounds like he doesn’t have figure for the actual Dragonlance adventures (small a). I’d have been fascinated to see those!
I’ll add that, he did state he couldn’t get a hold of them. It’s interesting that they are not there, for instance I’d love info on Keep on the Borderlands

Man, growing up in the AD&D era with Greyhawk and Dragonlance must have been lit af. Its kind of sad that modern D&D doesn't have a setting that is as easily manipulable as Greyhawk was; FR just has a lot more that I have to examine, whereas with Greyhawk, I could literally add anything.

Yes yes, its still around, but I'm young, so you already know I want the new, shiny thing.

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