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Dragonlance and Manual of the planes sales, from Ben Riggs

I'm not sure I'd describe it as "lit af" unless you call getting together with a bunch of friends, eating pizza (not me, because I was a weird kid and hated melted cheese until I was a teenager), drinking soda, playing AD&D for giant 6-8 hours stretches, then winding down with some Nintendo or a movie on VHS, lit. Though now that I typed that out, as an adult living during the ongoing pandemic, yeah, that sounds hella awesome.

But it was pretty cool how the worlds were so open. Heck, even Forgotten Realms, back when it was still just the grey box and a handful of supplements, had plenty of open space. There were sessions where I'd just unfold one of those giant maps and ask the PCs "where do you want to go?"

Man, growing up in the AD&D era with Greyhawk and Dragonlance must have been lit af. Its kind of sad that modern D&D doesn't have a setting that is as easily manipulable as Greyhawk was; FR just has a lot more that I have to examine, whereas with Greyhawk, I could literally add anything.

Yes yes, its still around, but I'm young, so you already know I want the new, shiny thing.

Looking at the numbers for OA, Greyhawk, Dragonlance, and the Manual of the Planes, one thing that strikes me is how sales for RPG books back in the day absolutely cratered after the first year. The World of Greyhawk release appears to have had better legs than the others, but it still dropped by over 100,000 units. You can almost feel people looking at all these numbers and arriving at the strategy of massive blasts of product that would characterize 2e-4e.

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Helena Real

Wow. I didn't expect the 2E DL box to be that much weaker than the 1E book.
I don't know how relevant to sales this would've been at the time, but Tales of the Lance (the 2E DL box) was written by people who were not Weis & Hickman and, what's worse, it introduces a lot of "new canon" or "reboots" without any basis in previous publications, either in gaming or fiction material. In contrast, Dragonlance Adventures (the 1E book) was written by Weis & Hickman, follows canon in all instances and, when it introduces changes, they're supported by the fiction and gaming materials available at the time.

In case anybody's interested, here's a beautifully detailed dissection of the changes/mistakes/reboots in Tales of the Lance done by an enterprising member of the community back in the day of mailing lists & such: Tales of the Lance: Contradictions and things I don't like about it. v.2.0 - Dragonlance Nexus


Reeks of Jedi
I’ve got both the DL 1E book and the 2E box set and I use them both. Heck getting them got me go back to 2E and start a DL campaign.

And speaking of mistakes with DL, I can never forgive how they took out Tanis and I’m kind of hoping the new novel uses it’s timetravel stuff to erase all that nonsense.


Scion of Murgen (He/Him)

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