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Forgotten Realms and Spelljammer TSR sales from Ben Riggs


I crit!
I’ve been waiting for these numbers. I can’t thank Ben enough for sharing. So I bought his book in Kindle too! Also see Spelljammer! Good timing!

Actual. Forgotten Realms. Sales numbers.

Below is a chart examining the sales of 1st and 2nd ed Forgotten Realms Setting Releases.

There is also a chart on Spelljammer sales, which may be of interest since Wizards is relaunching the setting this year.

Lastly, there is a chart comparing the lifetime sales of the settings we’ve discussed so far.

Tomorrow, let’s talk Ravenloft.

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Also, in the comments below are snips of the actual data used to generate the charts.




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I crit!
It would be interesting to line these up with the core or other book sales and see if there are any followin sales and to what degree for each.

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