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Dragonlance Dragonlance Philosophy thread

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I see a difference between changing a story and not changing it,
right, so there it is... you care about what is published and so do I... so neither of us can make the "it shouldn't matter to you just do it your way for your game" argument without being hypocritical.
in regards to publishing, and obviously in this case I value keeping it the same (which is admittedly less work) over changing an existing story.
I don't care what is or isn't less work.

But, regardless of what they said in their marketing copy, they didn't really rebuild anything.
sure they did. I'm glad you are happy with it. If people didn't keep argueing on here about what was, I don't see the new one as that bad. but these arguments keep poping up.
Nothing they did in the new book contradicts the original narrative. Instead, it allows for the table to contradict it in their own game, which is IMO a much better solution.

After all, weren't most of you more concerned about play than setting anyway?

This may seem like an irrelevant aside, but, speaking as an Atheist, I don't think it does the atheist cause any good for people to attack the teachings of religions with the same level of virulence and fanaticism as the worst kind of fundamentalist.

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