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Dragonlance Dragonlance Philosophy thread

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I thought this was the philosophy thread.
of a game not a real person. in the real world we all have 1 POV (our own) in the game there is an overview POV (the reader/player/writer)
like this... in the story of superman or captain america, I am INSIDE the mind and history of superman and cap. I know they are paragons of good. In real life if someone showed up with powers above the ability of a normal person we would be outsiders looking and HOPEING they are paragons of good, but in the really real world we would know that is pretty unheard of.
So in a movie, novel or comic I can say "We don't need someone to watch or counter superman, he's superman" in the real world I could NEVER feel that way no matter how much good the person did.

Now back to games, so when in game in character I see these things, in game in character I can wonder and have some mental gymnastics... out of game looking at statblocks and write ups on the other hand there are objective qualities of good and evil


This may seem like an irrelevant aside, but, speaking as an Atheist, I don't think it does the atheist cause any good for people to attack the teachings of religions with the same level of virulence and fanaticism as the worst kind of fundamentalist.

You guys are the ones trying to draw a line to real world religions to try and make a cheap point.


Not your screen monkey (he/him) 🇺🇦🇵🇸🏳️‍⚧️
I am not going any further with this... killing a lot of innocent people can be shades of grey needed... it can be utilitarian, it can not be GOOD as described by D&D 5e.
I wish to discus the game not some real world hypothetical.
Sure, a particular act may not be good - it may even be monstrous. But how much does it determine the overall alignment of the being that did it? This is why the whole "good must be perfect" issue is just the paladin trapfall writ large.
Is alignment defined by one act? Is it defined by an overall review of a being's acts, sentiments, and motives?


You guys are the ones trying to draw a line to real world religions to try and make a cheap point.
No, YOU GUYS are trying to say that a major company should use a game to condemn the teachings of several major world religions as OBJECTIVELY EVIL.

The line is there and inescapable: If something is OBJECTIVELY evil in a game, it is also OBJECTIVELY evil in real life. That's what OBJECTIVELY means.
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