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Trailer Dune: Part Two Exclusive Extended Sneak Preview (2024)

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I'm going to see Part 2 next week, so I rewatched Part 1 today. Damn, that movie is slow!

Also, maybe it’s just the YouTube mix, but the audio balance between the sound effects and the dialogue is terrible. I ended up having to turn on the captions so we wouldn’t be deafened.

I also find it annoying how cinematographers love to film in such dark conditions these days. It makes it so hard to see anything.

Here’s to hoping Part 2 will be brighter and faster-paced! (It’s even longer than the first one, though, so I’m not holding my breath.)

I saw it yesterday.
I enjoyed it, but don’t want to say anything so early.

My local cinema is devoting Saturday to the movie, showing it all day as the only film on every screen. I’ve never seen that before, seems crazy with so many Oscar nominated films out at the moment (here in Australia)


Can those of you who have seen it tell me if it’s faster-paced, more exciting / less boring than the first one? I want to know what I’m getting myself in for …

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