D&D 5E Dungeon & Dragons in Japan.

WotC Unveils Official D&D Japan Account – Localization Is Back On The Menu​


I guess the Japanese translation is coming soon, and I have listented in the Japanese TRPG market Call of Chulthu is more popular than D&D. I also see D&D may have been source of inspiration for some new epic fantasy manganime franchises, for example Goblin Slayer.

I would bet Hasbro is very interesting in the Japanese market, and this is very creative for new IPs. Let's remember Transformers and Power Rangers have got Japanese roots.

I wonder if someday Kamigawa could be unlocked in DM Guild.

I feel a lot of curiosity for the Japanese mythology, very rich, and I hope in the future we can see more space for other cultures from far east, not only China and Korea.

My suggestion for the korobokuru PC is adding a little retcon detail. These wear hats by leaves because they are signs of good luck. This would coherent with the ethimilogy of the name.

Hengeyokai could be one of the most popular PC races in 5e, but of course we need a right power balance with the shapesifter traits.

Are tanuki and kitsune a subrace of hengeyokai?

If a kappa PC had got a water slime on his head (a spelljammer of plasmoid sold it as pets) then he should worry more because his head would be totally wet, nodding time after time.

I guess tengu as human faces. The fame of long noses (symbol of pride) is because they like to wear peak-masks, like the ancient plague doctors, as warning of "don't close to my personal space".

The tsukumogami (living objects) could be potential hooks of stories. Even to be a living construct PC race based in the manganime tusgumomo

I wonder about a Japanese D&D actual-play show whose players were cute idol-aspirants, to promote the game.

Of course to hire cultural consultats is advisable but I guess the opinion of native people about themself can be different from a foreign who has lived with them for years.
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Hasbro is very interested in the licencing of franchises and IPs, and Japanese market is a great source of new IPs. WotC may be very bold about famous Japanese IPs adapted to D&D as Stranger Things or Rick&Morty. A future D&D version of Zelda shouldn't be a imposible nonense. And Japanese publishers could be very interested to use D&D licencing as a icebreaker in the Western markets. And licencing allows to make money with IPs ended years or decade ago.

Let's rembember manga market is moving a lot of money more than American comics, and in the Western market itself. Only one number of manga "Demon Slayer" could be sold more than DC and Marvel together.

I feel curiosity about Japanese fandom publishing their own ideas in DMGuild. But my fear is a native creating characters based in stereotypes about people from other region, and a foreign wouldn't realise, but other native would do.

Call of Chulthu can be more popular than D&D in Japan but this has got more flexibility to add elements from other IPs.

* Is too pejorative the term "otaku", or is this allowed now?

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