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Bill Zebub

“It’s probably Matt Mercer’s fault.”

  • Goblin hermit. Tamed giant rat.
  • Sleeping area behind curtain to NE.
  • Cautious but not hostile. Eager for conversation.
  • Makes outstanding sushi with fish from 1.10.
  • Sushi knife is a magic dagger.

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You are inspiring me to think about trying to up my game.

How about a “making of” video?
I will see if I find the time for a making off Video. But it is all very simple things I do and I just follow tutorials I found online after I google "How to draw rpg maps by hand".
But for the glow effect: go on a big shopwebsite of your choice, search for invisible ink pen, UV light and draw with that in the areas you want to have a glow effects.
For my drawing process:
1. I first make a sketch with a pencil to test the concept I wanna do if is something I haven't done before.
2. Redo the sketch with a pencil with a lot of care in my #Dungeon23 Notebook.
2. Use a 0.1 fineliner to ink the main lines.
3. Use a 0.5 fineliner for Walls and everything that is above (tree crowns, upper part of stairs ...),
4. than I use a 0.05 for details and small stuff.
5. Than I add "Noise" by just dotting with the three fineliners.
6. Add Shadows with a pencil.

General Tipps: for stuff that is man made, a ruler and stencils are really helpful
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Day 12:
Ah, behold the bones of a mighty Wot'Ciosaurier, a creature of legend and wonder. Once, he roamed the land with a horde of little helpers, the eRPeGoiden, by his side. These plucky creatures hunted for him, and together they had a symbiotic relationship of harmony and balance. But as fate would have it, along came the Corporatus Corruptus, a nasty parasite with a taste for dinosaur brains. It infected our beloved Wotciosaurier and set his hunger ablaze, causing him to turn on his dear little friends. As he ate through his companions, the prey grew scarcer and scarcer. He roamed the land, hunting and devouring everything in his path, becoming more and more ravenous until eventually, he starved to death. And the parasite, well, it just went off in search of another host, for that's the way of the world. A tragedy, to be sure, but isn't that just like life? One minute you're feasting on your best mates, the next you're nothing but bones. It's a reminder to us all to be careful of who we let into our inner circles, and to always keep an eye out for those darn brain-eating parasites.

We had two snow days at my school (I'm a middle school teacher) in Minnesota last week. This led to a whimsical title of a room called "Snow Day." As happens with gaming, this ballooned into a whole thing. I'm finally ready to start posting bits of it.


1/4 — Gear Room

The stone passage gets notably colder as the party proceeds. Ahead, there’s the sound of wind, and occasional flurries of snow gust from the darkness. To the left side, a rough opening leads into a messy cave filled with various bits of gear relating to cold weather. There are makeshift skis and snowshoes in a variety of sizes (including some that are clearly intended for non-human limbs). There are also a few rank heaps of rags, mangy fur, and bits of leather that could be cobbled together to provide some protection from the wind. Any furs of decent quality have been absconded with.

A successful Scrounging roll will find appropriate gear quickly (~1 minute per person). A failure (or no roll) will take longer: 2 minutes × margin of failure, max 10 minutes per person. A critical success finds gear rapidly and reveals a valuable item that was accidentally left in the room (GM’s choice).

Vision: -10 (total darkness)
Hearing: normal
Exits: One entrance from the main passage.

This is a well-traveled portion of the caves. Roll 3d once upon arrival and again after every 15 minutes in this room (see Encounter Table, below). Monsters may not be immediately aggressive, especially in the face of a strong, well-organized party; use a reaction roll to determine their demeanor with penalties or bonuses as appropriate to the party’s deportment.

Encounter Table (3d)
3–6    1d hobgoblins (Monsters, p. 34) + twice as many goblins (Monsters, p. 33)
7–8    1d goblins (Monsters, p. 33)
9–12   No encounter
13–15  2d coleopterans (The Bugstiary, p. 48)
16–18  Nýi, a Dvergr scout (~375 points) on a mission. A loner with high 
       Stealth (17), she will only interact with the group if they appear
       friendly. On a good reaction, she would be willing to guide the party
       through the snow caves (see 1/5 — Snow Day) in exchange for
       information about areas that the PCs have explored.

If any gear from the chamber is kept, it can be resold for 15% of standard retail, at best. For reference (prices already marked down):
  • Makeshift skis [$25, 10 lbs.]
  • Makeshift snowshoes [$15, 5 lbs.]

1/5 — Snow Day

This area of natural caverns—see the map, below—is magically filled with wind and snow. Because it connects to a number of areas, it is well-traveled despite the hostility of the environment. A few feet of loose snow covers the deeper snowpack making for slow movement without skis or snowshoes (see Movement, below). The ceiling rises 3 yards above the snow at the edges of caves and in the smaller passages and rises another 2d yards above that in the larger caves. Walls and ceilings are often coated in layers of frost and ice.
Vision: -10 (total darkness); max -4 with illumination (due to blowing snow)
Hearing: -3 (moaning wind)
Exits: Six passages, approximately 4-yards wide.

Hiking through the caves in regular boots (or worse) is at Move ×0.20 (minimum 1). Snowshoes increase this to Move ×0.50. Skis allow full Move if the PC either has the Skiing skill or succeeds at a default roll (for this purpose, use the higher of HT-6 or DX-6) . In all cases, encumbrance and fatigue affect movement normally.

Bitter Cold: The raw temperature hovers around 0°F, but wind chills drive the effective temperature down another 20–25°. Each PC must roll vs. HT for exposure when they first enter the cave and again every 10 minutes. The base roll is at a -2 penalty, minus another point after every 10 minutes until it bottoms out at -5. Moreover, apply the following additional modifiers: -5 for normal clothes; 0 for regular winter clothes; +5 for genuine arctic clothing; +3 for the Warmth spell; automatic success for Resist Cold. Using the rags from 1/4 — Gear Room can offset three points of penalty. In all cases, success allows the character to proceed unhampered. Failure means losing FP equal to margin of failure. This is not cumulative, but PCs should take the penalty for their worst margin of failure (i.e., they won’t warm up while in the caves without supernatural help).

Random Events: Roll 2d
2    1 ice wyrm (Monsters, p. 38); 1 in 6 chance of a coleopteran rider 
     (see 1/7 — Chtiksizz and the Ice Wyrms).
3    The Dvergr scout, Nýi, referenced in 1/4 — Gear Room. If the party 
     already met her there (or she is accompanying them), treat this 
     roll as an ice alf, below.
4    1 ice alf (Norðlondr Óvinabókin, p. 115).
5    Snow well — The wind and uneven floor of the cavern create a few
     nearly-invisible “pits” of loose snow that can be quite dangerous,
     especially to skiers. Roll vs. Per-8 to spot the pit in advance. Skiers 
     must roll vs. Skiing to avoid it if they see it first. (Snowshoers can stop
     more easily.) When someone falls in, snow from the surrounding area 
     will collapse into the pit, potentially trapping a victim. Treat it as a three 
     yard fall with injury to a random hit location. Roll vs. Survival (Arctic) to 
     extricate oneself from the pit without help. Otherwise, other PCs need 
     to assist. 
6–7  Equipment failure — Ski or snowshoe breaks or comes loose.
8    Crevasse, 1d yards across, 1d+3 yards deep.
9    1d goblins (Monsters, p. 33) on makeshift skis.
10   1d hobgoblins (Monsters, p. 34) + twice as many goblins
     (Monsters, p. 33) on makeshift skis.
11   2d coleopterans (The Bugstiary, p. 48) with custom
12   1 ísmargfætlur (Norðlondr Óvinabókin, p. 117).

Wandering encounters will have gear and cash appropriate to their mission. There is certainly other loot to be found within the snow, but it would be difficult and dangerous to find. If the characters want to pursue a thorough survey of these caves, the GM should flesh it out more fully.

The map represents this area of the cave system. The entrance is in the northeast corner (assume north is up) above the 1/5 label. A few areas of particular interest are keyed.

Snow Day Cavern Map.png
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1/6 — Steep Slope (see the map posted with 1/5 — Snow Day)

Description: The passage slopes steeply down to the southwest here. It can be traversed rapidly by skilled skiers, requiring a Skiing roll at -4 to avoid a fall (margin of failure × 1d crushing damage to a random body part). The passages to the north descend much more gradually.
Vision: -10 (total darkness); max -4 with illumination (due to blowing snow)
Hearing: -3 (moaning wind)


01.12: Welcome Chamber

Accesses: there are four doors in the room, one in the middle of each wall. The southern door is unlocked and un-warded, but each of the other doors is locked and warded until they are opened for the first time.

Description: The Welcome Room is an austere chamber, far from welcoming. The floor is a white stone tile. The walls were once plastered and whitewashed, but now the plaster is covered in mildew and crumbling, revealing rough stone masonry beneath. The door in the south is sturdy and normal in appearance. The other doors are heavy wood banded with brass and bearing a large relief also of brass. The east door depicts a woman’s face, severe and cold, wearing an intricate veil over her eyes. The north door depicts an old man’s face who frowns and glowers. The west door depicts a closed book, its cover etched with runes that if stared at too long cause the viewer’s head to spin with vertigo.

The Wards: The Welcome Room was a place of tests for guests come to Parenix Manor. Still in place after all this time but with no Alastairn alive to guide guests through them, they have become quite dangerous.
A character that approaches the east door is stopped by the woman’s face coming alive and speaking. “Speak thrice the name of the one who invited you here.” Failure to answer truthfully and accurately a member of the Alastairn family (and the PCs likely cannot) causes the face to scream in rage and fire a lightning bolt at the character. This does have the effect of draining the door of its magic until the next moonrise, however, and the door may be unlocked by normal means. The door leads to the lesser dining hall (01.10).
A character who approaches the north door is admonished by the face of the old man. “What is your business in Parenix Manor?” it demands. The only correct answer is, “To honor the master of the manor.” Failure to answer thus elicits a scornful snarl from the old man and the answerer is struck blind for 24 hours. The magic is drained from the door until the next moonrise and it may be unlocked by normal means. The door leads to the greater dining hall (01.15).
The western door ward does not harm one who attempts to come through but instead simply makes it impossible to pass through the door by any means. The only way to open the door is to whisper a secret to the book -- a real secret, the admission of an act or thought never spoken to anyone before, no matter how trivial. When this is done, the door opens for that individual alone. If someone tries to slip through without telling a secret, the door slams closed hard, possibly causing injury. The door leads to the sitting room (01.11).


Room 34 - The "Mayor's Office"

This outward opening doors to this room has metal bands around it and an apparently good quality lock (DC 20 to break open or pick). In the center of the left door is a silver moon painted over a tree carved into the door, and the center of the right is a gold painted sun above a carved ocean. The inside walls appear to be in the process of being painted to show the woods that surround a forest clearing in the fey wild. The owner "hasn't had a chance to paint very much lately".

This is the quarters of Shirazz, the Feywild exile Hobogoblin Warlord that commands the "legionnaires" in the rooms next to it and who is the unofficial manager of the floor.

The room is fairly spartan, featuring his bed, armor and weapons rack, and a table with five stools. The table has a map of some of the surrounding dungeon, and four flasks with continual flame to provide light. The weapon rack (when he is in the room) has a scimitar, rapier (of wounding), dagger (+1, +2 vs. humanoids), three spears, a suit of +1 mithral chain mail, two hand cross-bows, and an assortment of quarrels. The chamber pot is under the bed, as are his pack and adventurer's kit.

Actually a Raskshasa, Shirazz's current main goal is to unravel the mystery of what is going on below - and he will often be out with his "legion" exploring the surrounding area. He entertains himself by assembling the menagerie of those in the other rooms on the floor and seeing if he can make sure they never realize what any of the others are. He is a bit frustrated at how long it takes him to paint up to his standards.

View attachment 272130

Room 39- The Rinzepple's

This 20' x 20' until recently belonged to Hyrex who moved to the smaller 38. The outward opening double doors have a flimsy latch inside that protects the privacy of this gnome family of five who were chased onto the floor a few weeks ago. They have been happily adopted by the various folks on the floor.

Father Panawin, Mother Breena, sons Orpip (9) and Erdon (7), and daughter Myza (3) contribute to the floor by fixing what ever is needed - from bells and tools to boots and bells. The room has their beds, a privacy screen, a wash/bath tub, chamber pot, work bench (with tools on shelves underneath) and stools, and a table and chairs. A rope is sometimes hung from one wall to another to dry things on. Perhaps the most treasured possessions are there two well worn books that they are learning to read Gnomish, Dwarvish, and Common from, and the mothers has treasured book of cooking and underground-nature lore. The light comes from three small flasks with continual flame. For defense they have a light crossbow, three daggers, a short sword, and various saws, pliers, hammers, and the like. They have dreams of moving beyond just repairing to creating, but are still trying to recover from being run-out of their previous home.

They and the Links squad are the only ones on the entire floor who are what they seem.


(with thanks to fantasynamegenerators .com for help on that front).

The next rooms created (#48 and #50) are in post #263 D&D General - #Dungeon23
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