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1/7 — Sacrificial Grotto (see the map posted with 1/5 — Snow Day)

Description: Rusty iron chains and manacles in a variety of sizes are attached to rings that have been pounded into the wall here. There is a 1 in 6 chance that 1d prisoners are present. Most prisoners are goblins or hobgoblins. The local goblin nation uses this as a form of execution (or ritual sacrifice?), feeding the ice wyrms from 1/9 — Ice Wyrms.
Vision: -10 (total darkness); max -4 with illumination (due to blowing snow)
Hearing: -3 (moaning wind)

Dinner Bell:
If the party stays here for longer than an hour, one of the wyrms is likely to come and investigate, thinking (correctly!) that there is a meal waiting.

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Room 34 - The "Mayor's Office"

This outward opening doors to this room has metal bands around it and an apparently good quality lock (DC 20 to break open or pick). In the center of the left door is a silver moon painted over a tree carved into the door, and the center of the right is a gold painted sun above a carved ocean. The inside walls appear to be in the process of being painted to show the woods that surround a forest clearing in the fey wild. The owner "hasn't had a chance to paint very much lately".

This is the quarters of Shirazz, the Feywild exile Hobogoblin Warlord that commands the "legionnaires" in the rooms next to it and who is the unofficial manager of the floor.

The room is fairly spartan, featuring his bed, armor and weapons rack, and a table with five stools. The table has a map of some of the surrounding dungeon, and four flasks with continual flame to provide light. The weapon rack (when he is in the room) has a scimitar, rapier (of wounding), dagger (+1, +2 vs. humanoids), three spears, a suit of +1 mithral chain mail, two hand cross-bows, and an assortment of quarrels. The chamber pot is under the bed, as are his pack and adventurer's kit.

Actually a Raskshasa, Shirazz's current main goal is to unravel the mystery of what is going on below - and he will often be out with his "legion" exploring the surrounding area. He entertains himself by assembling the menagerie of those in the other rooms on the floor and seeing if he can make sure they never realize what any of the others are. He is a bit frustrated at how long it takes him to paint up to his standards.

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Rooms 31 and 48 - Connecting Hallways

Rooms 31 and 48 are 10' wide x 20' long hallways with 15' ceilings (unlike most of the rooms on the floor that have 10' ceilings. They connect this residential area to the lest friendly area to the west, as well as to the kitchen (on the south of 48), the common room (in the middle), and the "treasury" (to the north of 31). Each set of double doors has the right door (as you approach) marked with an upward arrow and the left door marked with an X. They open in the direction of the side with the X.

The west doors in both 31 and 48 are barred from inside (STR 20 check to open) with an alarm spell cast on them and a trap (a magic missile spell with five missiles goes off if someone tries to force them from the west - one spell per each pair of doors). The north door in 31 are locked by a key lock (STR 16 to open; 18 to pick locks). The east doors to 31 are typically propped open (the north door on the inside of the room, the south door on the outside). The south doors in room 48 also has a lock (same as north in 31), but isn't locked.


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Systemless seems like the way to go, to me, especially if you have even a vague intention of sharing it with the public in any fashion.

If nothing else, I hope the last few days has made more people realize how easy it actually is to use systemless books. If it says "gnoll" in the adventure, just grab your relevant monster book and use that gnoll. The stats in the adventure book are nice to have, but they've never been mandatory.

I'm a big fan of derivative stats, that is when you can list one number (HD, CR) and derive everything else on the spot. Whitehack 3e works like this--all you need to know is the HD and you can figure everything else out right away, except for any special abilities you want to add. Or this for 5e.

Voidrunner's Codex

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