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For myself, I might add them onto an existing level. This week is the big shiny cathedral that the overland trek is nominally headed toward. (Previous weeks have been the starting village the forest between the village and cathedral and the graveyard off to the side before the cathedral itself is reached.)

Adding some additional encounter areas in the cathedral is probably the way to go. I'm not sure many players will be able to resist going up into the tower of a haunted cathedral, so I should probably put some fun stuff up there for them to deal with, including the danger of getting knocked off the stairs high above a stone cathedral floor.
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Dungeon Master of Middle-earth

23. This 20’ x 30’ room is empty with a one-way door leading into room 22.


Room 68 - Broom Closet

A sign on this unlocked door says "Broom Closet" in the same fine handwriting as the sign and label in room 70 just to the north. The 5'x5' closet is unlit. It contains a bucket, mop, broom, dustpan, 10 lbs. bag of sand, and a wooden box with a thin metal lining that has what you would expect from sweeping the floor for a few months.

Anyone looking up with in the room will notice the ceiling is a few feet shorter than in the other rooms. Anyone mapping who has been in 67 or 70 will notice that there is space between that room and the closet. Merely opening the door without poking one's head in gives a DC 17 perception check to get the feeling something feels off about the architecture - probing more will reveal the room's dimension issues.

Anyone tapping on the thick wooden walls may notice that it sounds like there is empty space behind all three of them (DC 12). Anyone physically exploring the ceiling (either by hand or by pole or broom; DC 10) will find that the ceiling slides to the side revealing a small space above (leading to room 69). There is nothing to find by merely looking at the walls or ceiling.

The construction of the closet walls, trap door, broom and mop handles, and the wooden dust bin are all exquisite. The creator's job of disguising that there is space beyond the room is sad.

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Room 69 - Picus Rubro's Workshop

This most-of-a 15'x15' room is usually entered through the ceiling of room 68, and then down the very nice ladder.

All of the woodwork in the room is equisitely crafted. The canopy bad has forest scenes for the post, and the chest at the end has ample storage as well as a slide out chamber pot, and the lid of the rest lifts straight up so that anything on it doesn't spill. There is a large work bench with fine woodworking tools of all sorts hanging from the sides. The wood racks contain both wood obviously scavenged from other furniture and doors, and also some fresh wood that must be able to be found elsewhere in the vault.

Current furniture projects in various stages of finish include a three story palace doll house filled with miniature furniture, an aquarium, two comfortable chairs, a table with four stools, and a guillotine.

Light is provided by ten permanent flames that are in wooden cases that can be shut (one in each corner of the room and two above the work bench).

The craftsman appears to be a redcap spliced with the soul of a really anal gnomish woodworker (maybe sprouted from the blood of a really unfortunate cabinet making accident?). Instead of needing to soak his hat in the blood of victims, he can instead persist by pursuing his craft until his own fingers bleed. He has found that luring or guiding people to the nearby tesseract (see room 70 for the start of it) is often effective at giving him plenty of time to work in peace (it worked with those pesky Derro). Barring that he will happily sell furniture for either more raw supplies, things he can trade for raw supplies, or blood. And if that fails he will either fight or escape through the masterfully constructed emergency exit near the south wall that goes to room 67 (DC 22 to spot visually, DC 18 if searching by hand) and then wreak vengeance later. This door is also how he gets his larger finished works out and larger raw materials in.

Picus Rubro is as a Redcap, but with AC 15 and Perception +4 (due to 15 DEX and 14 WIS), instead of a sickle he uses a hammer and chisel (damage as wicked sickle except the hammer is bludgeoning and the chisel is piercing - he takes two attacks with one and one attack with the other), and he knows the mending cantrip. His most treasured possession is a +1 All-Purpose Tool and he also currently has two doses of Dust of Sneezing and Choking (of which he can make more).


The next room created (#67) is in post #399 D&D General - #Dungeon23 .
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Day 24

As you make your way through the cave with the waterfall, a small path leads you to another chamber filled with spider webs. The sight that greets you is a grotesque one: the giant carcass of a spider lies in the center of the cave, its body torn and mangled, with fresh battle wounds and destroyed cobwebs scattered around it. The stench of death fills the air, and you can hear the faint scurrying of other spiders in the shadows.
As you take in the scene, you notice two exits leading out of the chamber. One appears to lead deeper into spider territory, while the other is marked with track marks, as if something or someone had dragged the spider's body towards it. The hairs on the back of your neck stand up as you realize the danger that may still be lurking in these caves. It's clear that you'll have to tread carefully as you explore this spider-infested chamber.


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