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Yeah, uh, are those a new updated rendition of the characters? And this is coming out two months before they appear in Honor Among Thieves? I'm betting we see the original stream somewhere soon, and maybe even a revival/reboot with these designs. They keep dropping bits and pieces, and now this...
If they let the Golden Books artist do his own take on the characters that's a sign that there is probably no traditionally animated reboot currently in the works, as they would probably want more brand consistency if they had versions of the characters for a traditional cartoon currently in development. If they were planning a new cartoon they would have the cartoon studio create designs, and the Golden Books artist would be expected to copy that style.

Though, perhaps it's a sign that there is a CG cartoon or live action show in the works.

If they want to produce a new cartoon I guess some things will be changed. Maybe the DM's pupils aren't children from 80's but from this age, and then Presto will "summon" gadgets of last generation tech.

Other idea is more children in the side of the heroes, and not everybody to be totally human. Maybe they have to sacrifice the return to home because there are other characters who appear in only one episode. Or maybe this time the episodes aren't independient, for example the aasimar princess rescued can be later an important help, or an artificer gnome can be asked several times as source of information.

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