D&D General Dungeons and Dragons: The Makeup Set!!!

Now you can finally purchase D&D themed make up! Huzzah!

From the website:

Vampyre Cosmetics is excited to announce their unprecedented collaboration with Hasbro's DUNGEONS & DRAGONS (D&D), marking the 50th anniversary of the iconic role-playing game in 2024. Vampyre Cosmetics’ unparalleled color cosmetics partners with the adventurous spirit of D&D to give fans the tools to unleash their imaginations and create their own character every time they do their makeup. The Vampyre Cosmetics x DUNGEONS & DRAGONS collection is set to open for presales on December 18th, 2023.

Bold Colors for Bold Adventurers: The Vampyre Cosmetics x DUNGEONS & DRAGONS collection merges bold colors with the narrative storytelling at the heart of any adventuring party to transcend traditional make-up and opens new avenues for collaborative storytelling! Every Item in the collection delves into the half-century of world-building that D&D unleashed. With the Dungeon Masters Guide Book Palette (featuring 45 individual shades and a detachable magnetic character sheet), adventurers will always be ready for that day’s quest. Fans can create their own characters with the Original Character Class Palettes and Character Class Multichrome Eyeliners. There are 4 different Collectors Box Sets planned for 2024 with the final limited edition release shipping in a large treasure chest shaped box that can house all 4 Collections together. Pre-sales for the first collection, The Dungeon Masters Collection, open on December 18th, 2023 to ship in February 2024. The first Collection includes a Dungeon Masters Guide Book Palette with 45 colors, an Alignment themed palette, 5 character class palettes, potion lipglosses in a spell book shaped box all housed in a Dungeon Masters Screen Collectors Box.

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I see they are cashing in on the 50th anniversary, what is going to be next. I missed this Christmas, so maybe next. This may be the avenue to get my daughter to play- ha


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