D&D Movie/TV Dungeons & Dragons movie prescreening for Amazon Prime members March 19th

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Here in New Zealand one cinema chain has advanced screenings on the 16th (timed well for a teachers strike and kids being off school) and the 17th - I will be taking my kids to evening show on the 17th :)

So, just came back from the theater. I was very entertained. I really enjoyed it, very D&Dish, lots of namedropping, location dropping and so on. Recognizable spells and so on. Good chemistry between the actors.
Lots of recognizable situations. A good laugh, and it doesn't take itself too seriously, but stays respectful of the source material.

I actually think this movie will be a hit, and I think you will all enjoy it.


I'm hoping this means that it'll come to Amazon when it moves to streaming. I don't go to theaters much (like, 2-3 times in the last 10 years). I've reached that age where the ability to pause and have subtitles is more important than a big screen and no commercials.

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