D&D Movie/TV Dungeons & Dragons movie prescreening for Amazon Prime members March 19th


The screen/seating available near me was one of the smallest ones in the theater in the back (maybe like 100 seats), but it was pretty full for our showing. Maybe 75-80% full (I overheard people behind me talking about going to GenCon, not too surprising that it's almost entirely going to be people already into the game for an early showing).

I enjoyed it. You definitely need to turn your brain off a little bit as the beginning feels a bit rushed to get to the main meat of the movie (I suspect some cuts were made and dialogue added to scenes to bridge them together), but the characters were likable and the problem solving in the movie felt very "D&D". I honestly have no idea how a general audience will feel about it and I'm curious if this ends up successful, but I'm glad it was made and that I watched it. Which is very different than the early 2000's one where I was just annoyed.

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