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Duplicate thread, plz delete me

So I woke up today on a work trip, wandered downstairs and grabbed a paper to read for breakfast (yes, newspapers still exist), and lo and behold, the DMG is on the front page of a section in USA Today!

It's a great article, especially considering how D&D was viewed in my community growing up, and when we discuss rules and things we like or don't like, I think this baseline and quote is insightful (when designing 5E rules):

Is this really making it more fun for everybody or this just for one group?

“Whenever it was just for one group, we tried to find a better way to do it."

It's brilliant. While my more complex initiative rules and so on work for my one group they opted for what's likely to work best for most groups. And there's love for Critical Role. Whatever your feelings, this has energized a new generation of gamers. That's a good thing.

Anyhow, started my day off right.

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