Dwarf height in D&D

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Why am I reminded of Carrot Ironfoundersson (a human raised by dwarves, and ergo a dwarf) from Discworld?

I'll agree that there's probably less variation in dwarves and other demihumans, especially in the Underdark, with smaller and more separate population centers, but if the DM is cool with it, go for it.



This could solve your problem while giving you a special weapon to stomp goblins with.


All I can say is that I would not allow it, there has never been a dwarf that tall barring an enlargement spell for the reasons [MENTION=23]Ancalagon[/MENTION] and others have mentioned.

But coming to a message board like this for answers of this type doesn't really buy much. The DM makes the final call and therefore opinions on this site are worth what you pay for them ... nothing.

Maybe it's because one of the worst PCs I ever allowed when I was young and foolish was a 7 foot tall albino elf. Who had no weapons, powers, spells or any way to contribute to combat in any way shape or form. When I told him after the session he had to come up with a better PC he wanted to play a half dragon half vampire. Fortunately I never saw him after that.

Which is my way of saying: not all concepts work for all games.

that is guideline for general population, let's say 90% of the race.

In NBA 6'4'' or 193cm is average for point guard, usually the lowest member of the team. Centers are at 6'10''(208 cm) or taller. You cant even get that on random height table.

So you could be a 6ft dwarf, but you would be 1 in 10,000 or even 1 in 100,000.
You're assuming that in-game humans and in-game dwarves both follow the same distribution as real-world humans, but there's no basis for that assumption. Human height in the game world follows a 2d10 distribution from a base of 4'8".

This isn't a case where rules apply to NPCs but not PCs. The rule is that you can roll randomly, or pick anything within the range. Humans in the real world are simply more varied than humans within the game world. (Unless your DM says otherwise.)



I don't really have a problem with players being exceptions, but neither am I your DM. You may not be treated so kindly by your kin for your odd appearance, but you may find acceptance among others.

As long as you're not looking to game the system or get modified rules out of your altered appearance, I don't really care.

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