As I said in the other thread, the question is now whether we're just going to see DMs Guild and PDF support, or whether, once the psionic and artificer rules are set, we'll be seeing something more substantial in the way of an actual published book. I have a feeling that once the necessary rules are in place (with a likely rules expansion book early next year for new classes and races), we'll be seeing a full book, and this is just to whet the appetite and get things started...

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That's also one of the things I like about this book as a primer. While it might not go in depth about a lot of the locations in Eberron (I like fleshing things out and making the world mine, but I know some would rather have the deep dive), the fact that every location has a header for, "Why would you want to go here?" means that it's super focused on giving the DM hooks to latch on to and run away with, which to me is more important than having detailed lore.

It's reports like this that make me more and more tempted to make the dive into this PDF.

But money is so tight right now, even $20 on a "for fun" purchase could be seen as irresponsible. Why do interesting things always have to happen while I am too poor to afford them

Rob Twohy

I am developing the Fantasy Grounds VTT version everyone. We didn't get this in advance like other titles, so it'll be a few weeks. Looks epic!

One thing with the upcoming Artificer class was that I really liked the Gunsmith subclass, even though it was a controversial one based on the usage of it's prototype firearms that likely no one else other than Gunsmith Artificers use. It was at least a good attempt at making an Artificer subclass that might not have a part in Eberron as firearms seem to fit in less in Eberron then they do in FR (Lantan and some places). So I'm wondering if we'll see that subclass in the next playtest release of the Artificer, or even if the Artificer is still very much based around the Rogue.

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