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The traumatized man takes his drink with a shaky hand. The bartender, knowing what to expect, prepares another drink with a sad look on his face.

"One should NEVER go out there. New Water is bad but beyond the glass walls...... Dolurrh take us all." The man begins to sob uncontrollably.

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Vorik does not rush the man, but does his best to comfort him. "Easy, you are back safe and among friends. Few enough have been beyond the glass. Perhaps it would help to tell the tale. Here in the safety of the village it may not seem so bleak."

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"Spell shock," Dairken knowingly confides his prognosis of the addled newcomer to the bard with a sidelong glance,"Happens to the best of them."

The elf returns his attention to his meal, and politely nods when Aric passes Chevri the pot of roasted potatoes, and Chevri gestures it along to him.

"What has become of Cyric?" he inquires of Voric.

Twitching and in general unsettled, the man squirms in his seat.

"My group and I began into New Water eight days ago. Though the team's tracker was uncertain at times, he found our way to the glass walls. We rested for a few hours here. Our cleric of Balinor was seriously injured in the waters by something I can only describe as an abomination. It was a mix of crocodile and a Displacer Cat." The man pauses as he seems to be either lost in thought or committed to a silent prayer.

"In time we found a way past the glass and into The Hidden itself. It is a strange valley filled with New Water and bright colored vegetation. Water is everywhere." The man finishes his drink and motions for his third. "It was not long before we fought strange reptilian creatures with tentacles and another adventuring party. We found a ruined temple or stone structure that was dry enough and on higher ground. We hoped it would be safe enough. It was not." The man pauses to scratch as his neck.

"Little men..... if one would call them men, with multiple arms and faces attacked in the night. Darrion died first. Nellow was a close second. Already weak, Guri died as they piled onto him. I fled from the temple. Within two minutes I knew the hunt was on. The damned beasts were treating this as a game!" The man turns on you with wild eyes. He is becoming more unsettled as he goes. The bard and reptilian warrior seem concerned for him. It seems the half-dragon is a sentimental giant wishes to comfort the man.

"I ran and ran through the night until I found what I thought was a well. I sought to wedge myself here and hide. It seemed like a good plan at the time. I could hear the beasts above. They arrived within minutes. They stayed there, gibbering and grunting and snarling. I suppose they were speaking to each other. Then..... then..... praise The Traveler for allowing me to live..... they left."

The half-dragon warrior has walked over to him now. Everyone, including the staff are caught up with the tale.

"Something..... somethings.... were in that well with me. Below. They were below but trying to climb. It had been ten minutes of using my back and legs to hold myself there out of view. My legs had grown numb...... I tried to shift so as to turn and work my way out.... instead my legs gave out and I plummeted. I know not what I landed in. A swarm of something very small and fast moving. Centipedes or bugs of some kind." The man scratches at his shoulder wildly. "They in my hair, my armor, my possessions.... they were all over me. I thought myself dead. My vision, though I could not see much already in the dark, seemed to dim further."

"I awoke. Unharmed. Not even so much as a bit mark. I got out of the cylinder that I mistook as a well and in time found a way out. I know not what became of Lorrian or Hartwoot. Nor of the others."

"We are going to die."

With that, the large warrior motions to place his taloned hand on his shoulder to give him comfort. As he touches the man there seems to be a motion of blue and green and the tall warrior roars in pain.

Clutching his hand.... he stumbles back in pain and astonishment. He trips and stumbles over a chair. He falls to the floor and remains there for a moment.

The warforged watches to see what will happen next. The bard hurries to his side. The stranger seems just as startled as everyone else.



Smiling politely at the little girl as she walks off, Cyric waits as soon as she is far enough out of view before he runs off. ""That was freaky, I need to get back to my companions!". As quickly as he can he moves to get to the bar the others had gone to, gripping his scythe for good measure so as to make sure he still has it in his possession, he even looks about for two headed men, a little disturbed by the level of detail the girl described.



Dairken springs backwards, as the scaled warrior knocked a chair into his, knocking his own chair over but catching it with his toe and flipping it back up, as he spins to face the altercation.

Backing a safe distance, he look to the bard, "Would you require assistance?"


Shocked, Vorik steps back and moves to the fallen warrior to examine him. "I am a cleric trained in healing," he says as he approaches.

OOC: [roll0] Really trying to determine what happened to him and help if possible.

Cyric walks to the nearest bar figuring that may be where his new friends are. A great half-cry / half-roar comes from within. Another adventurer type seems to be responding to the activity also.

Inside the half-dragon convulses and quakes. Vorik attempts to calm the large warrior along with the female bard. With incredible skill and luck, the cleric spot a small break in the warrior's scales on the arm he touched the man with. He suddenly stops thrashing but when he opens his eyes there is clear evil and hate in his eyes. It startles the bard.

The man that came in shrieks and screams and turns for the doorway.

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