D&D 5E EB's One Shot - Irongrad (IC)


by Ed Greenwood

You have found your way to the city of Arabel in the kingdom of Cormyr. The fabled crossroads draws all manner of merchants, traders, and smiths. Having a need of supplies before setting off upon your next venture.


The sun warms the golden scales across Rilla's arms as she sits on the edge of the central bazaar's fountain, enjoying a bit of respite from the mornings haggling. Rafika sits to her right looking to also be enjoying the sun's rays, while Zenrik and Theros are buying the rest of the supplies for the planned long journey south.

Looking about at all the strange comings and goings her eyes catch a few interesting sight. The first of which is two dark elves walking together hoods up high, but their manner and dress (along with their ebony hands) give away their race. They will soon pass by where the dragonborn sorcerer sits, maybe she will get a better look at them.

The second sight that instantly puts a smile on her face is that of a leather clad gnome to her left, trying to take a drink from the fountain. Oddly he isn't cupping his hands to bring the water to him, but instead he is leaning forward trying to lap at the water like a hound.

And suddenly blocking her view is a strange old human with a scraggly beard, and grey robes, that plops down almost beside her. He throws an old ragged pack to the ground beside him and sits brooding, mumbling to himself as if having a conversation.

Standing to leave Rilla stops as music fills the air, and a dwarf strumming a lute comes around from behind the fountain playing something somber. He looks to be playing for whatever tips people wish to toss his way, and as he nears the gnome still drinking a board grin breaks across his face.

Rilla pauses again to allow the two drow to pass her by, before she heads off to find her other retainers. And then suddenly the old man disappears with a loud *thump* the tall tell signs of magic sparkle as a *splash* shakes the sorceress out of her awe.

Alberich strummed away as he walked not paying attention on his music (that came naturally), he just didn't wish to waste the chance to earn a couple more coins. Then the old wizard vanished in an instant using some great magical spell, but why did he leave his belongs behind. And then he notices his feet were wet.

Zuleyka and Ssz'irac were heading as fast as they could across the sun drenched marketplace for the Black Barrel tavern across the way. They skirted the central fountain as best they could not wanting to step on anyone's toes they watched where they were going. They were nearly completely surprised when an old human casts a spell and quickly vanished. Ssz'irac nudges the other elf and nods towards the old pack.

Just then the gnome pops up out of the water of the fountain, spitting a stream of water in an arch, he rubs water out of his ear before asking...

"What just happened?"

Greenmtn: Bilkar gnome druid
JustinCase: Ssz'irac elf(drow) rogue
Charwoman Gene: Rilla dragonborn(gold) sorceress
KahlessNestor: Zuleyka elf(drow) wizard
tglassy: Alberich dwarf bard[/sblock]
- Merrim 100xp each
- 3 stirges 15xp each
- 5 axe beaks 50xp each
- RP 75xp each
- 2 flying daggers 15xp each
- tricks & traps 75xp each
= 330xp to each PC

Note: @Charwoman Gene Rilla earned 100xp[/sblock]
Gold: 200gp each character from loose change/gems, and selling ornate staff and other nonmagical items
Downtime: 5 days
- scroll longstrider - Zuleyka
- scroll cure wounds - Bilkar
- scroll magic stone - Bilkar
- scroll thunderclap - Zuleyka
- potions of cure wounds x3 Ssz'irac, Rilla, Alberich 2d4+2 plus faerie fire 1d4+1 rounds
- potion of climbing - potion with red stripe - Ssz'irac
- ruby of the war mage - Alberich
- boots of enduring: these magical boots resist wear and tear - Ssz'irac
- dread helm - Bilkar
- dagger (once animated) - Alberich

Ssz'irac = 11 & 52
- 1 oz. block of unknown material
- ornate oil lamp

Alberich = 35
- white sequined glove sized for a human[/sblock]

One Shot RG
One Shot-Discussion
Irongrad OOC
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Alberich's strumming came to a halt as he felt his shoes become soaked. Great.

He scratched at his nearly naked chin. It always itched somethin' fierce if he didn't keep it closely shaved, but shaving it was such a hassle, he rarely did it. Meant it was always itching. Meant it was always snagging on his clothes.

He looks at the gnome. "What'er he doin swimmin' in the fountain? The sun too hot fer ya?"

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the magical equivalent to the number zero
"I'm telling you, the surface races really aren't that bad," Ssz'irac the drow was telling Zuleyka as they crossed the marketplace. "And you'll get used to that burning orb in the sky, eventually."

Just then, something happened. Unsure what, Ssz'irac reached for his rapier and ever so slightly turned towards his companion, not wanting to have his back to her. He does not draw his weapon, however, wanting to assess the situation first.

"Whatever that wizard did, he was stupid or inexperienced enough to leave his belongings behind," the drow nods towards the pack.

Wasting no time, Ssz'irac moves towards it, grabbing the stuff as if it was his all along, then starts examining it.


the magical equivalent to the number zero
"Doesn't have your name on it, does it?" Ssz'irac answers with a smile.

Opening the pack in front of Rilla, the drow tries to be transparent in his actions, although his words are obviously lies.

"Just checking for a nametag, or an address to return it to."


Bilkar Gnome Druid

At the sound of the Dwarf's voice Bilkar instinctively sinks back down into the water to just below his nose. When the Dwarf doesn't try to hurt him Bilkar slowly raises back up. his big nose twitches a couple times as if he is sniffing.

"You smell like a Dwarf but Bilkar's never seen one with so little hair before."

Bilkar flops out of the fountain, his legs were to small to actually step out. After picking himself up he stands there dripping, looking at the dwarf strangely, seeming nervous and ready to bolt away from any sudden movements. "Why do Dwarves hide such strong chins? And why did you push Bilkar in anyway?"



OOC: Sorry. I had subscribed to the thread, but it wasn’t sending email notifications, so when I sat down to post, it wasn’t on my “to do list”.

Lolth’s left pap, but that harrucking sun in the sky was bright! Zuleyka’s eyes were still watering, even with her hood pulled low, practically blinding her. Why they couldn’t have done this in the night, when they would have been less conspicuous, Ssz’irac wouldn’t say.

"I'm telling you, the surface races really aren't that bad," Ssz'irac the drow was telling Zuleyka as they crossed the marketplace. "And you'll get used to that burning orb in the sky, eventually."

“You keep saying that. I keep waiting for it to happen,” Zuleyka grumbled. Uncouth barbarians, these surface folk. And...elves. It made her want to gag. It was a lot to adjust to in the few months since she had left Menzobarranzan. She still didn’t know why the priestesses of Eilistraee at the Promenade had sent her here to some place called...Cormyr? It was above the drow city of Sschindylryn, was all she knew. Though not much was left of that city, either, after Lolth’s Silence. “We should have at least worn disguises.” Drow were unwelcome on the surface, and she saw the looks passersby gave them. She huddled deeper into her hood and slid her obsidian hands beneath her cloak.

Then Zuleyka felt the familiar tingle of nearby magic. She focused her attention on a nearby old human wizard as he finished a spell and disappeared, leaving behind his bag and causing a bit of localized disruption in the marketplace as a gnome fell into the fountain. And a dwarven bard of some kind. By Lolth, and she thought dwarves were ugly with the beards!

"Whatever that wizard did, he was stupid or inexperienced enough to leave his belongings behind." Ssz’irac nodded towards the pack.

Zuleyka’s hands went instinctively to her rapier and wand when Ssz’irac’s went to his sword, not trusting her fellow drow, but he did not draw his blade, seeming more interested in the forgotten pack.

“Are you an idiot, male?” Zuleyka hissed Ssz’irac. She was still annoyed that he refused to listen and obey her. Surface males! “Never touch a wizard’s things!” She followed along behind him, if only to pick up his ashes after some magical ward exploded.

"Hold there, obsidian one, that does not belong to you."

Zuleyka paused, eying the golden dragonborn. The thing stank of magic.

"Doesn't have your name on it, does it?" Ssz'irac answered with a smile as he opened the pack. Well, no wards. Yet. "Just checking for a nametag, or an address, to return it to."

“It is no concern of yours -- or ours,” Zuleyka told the dragonborn -- and reminded Ssz’irac. Still, it had not yet proved dangerous. If there was magic inside...she might be interested. And he had left it behind for anyone to take.


Ssz'irac starts rummaging through some mundane items in the pack before he finds a long sealed case. A smile starts to creep over his face.

A sudden familiar *thump* and the tale-tell signs of magic announce the wizards return inside the middle of the gathered group.

1810-115.jpg "My magic! Steal my Art would you? You too deserve the curse" the crazed wizard says before unleashing a wave of magical force. It comes out in all directions and nearly puts Bilkar back into the pool. You feel a tingle about you and see that an amber glow has started to form on your skin, clothes, and equipment.

Did he just mass faerie fire all of you?

OOC: Surprise round over.
Round 1 started - Party up first
Everyone needs to add in a CON save with their action post. DC 19
DM secret rolls
Rilla [roll0]
Bilkar (1d4)[2]
Ssz'irac [roll1]
Alberich [roll2]
Zuleyka [roll3]

Oh and the group does have him surrounded at the moment. I needed to get everyone in range for the spell.
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Bilkar Gnome Druid

"NO! No Bilkar did not steal!"

Heart pounding Bilkar scrambles under the lip of the fountain, back towards the center of the fountain, facing the strange magic human and starts backpedaling on all fours around the fountain trying to put the structure between him and the magic user while using one hand to try and pat away the glow. When that fails he starts chattering like a threatened animal and glaring in the direction of this commotion.

Con Save: 1D20+1 = [19]+1 = 20

Initiative: 1D20+2 = [15]+2 = 17
(You haven't asked this but I'm guessing it's coming so I'm posting it.


"Moradin's Flaming Farts, ye robe wearin', harry faced baboon! I ain't be steelin' nothin!"

OOC: Vicious Mockery. DC 12 Wis Save or take [roll0] psychic damage. He still doesn't know what's going on.

Con save: [roll1]

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