D&D 5E EB's One Shot - Irongrad (IC)


OOC: For Al it is just one of those at the wrong place at the wrong time kind of things.
Save [roll0]

The slightly insane wizard seems unaffected by the magic of Alberich's attack. He continues to mumble about no respect and the curse will teach them.

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the magical equivalent to the number zero
Surprised but regaining his posture quickly, Ssz'irac draws his rapier and, squinting against the bright sunlight, attempts to put the pointy end into the suddenly reappearing wizard.

In his other hand, the drow holds the mysterious case; the pack and the other items fall to the floor.

"This magic? This isn't yours," Ssz'irac lies with a smile.

OOC: CON save: [roll0]
Attack (rapier): [roll1]
Disadvantage (sunlight sensitivity): [roll2]
Damage: [roll3]


Knowing that the mage is unarmored the devious drow aims his rapier to pierce the old man's lungs. A quick had lunge and..,

The rapier deflects off some sort of arcane ward protecting the wizard. The mad old man doesn't even acknowledge the attack or what could have happened if his magic hadn't just saved him.

(Why is it the wizards never fight fair?)

OOC: Arcane ward -16 pts.
Great hit btw.


Bilkar Gnome Druid

Bilkar is scared and confused. He has no idea what is going on with these crazy humanoids. Thoughts race through his head. Did I get caught in the middle of a fight between these Drow and a wizard? Is the crazy wizard attacking the city? Is this strange Dwarf going to try to hurt me? Where are the ones who protect this place?"

OOC: Insight: [roll0] to try to get his bearings and figure out what is going on. Other than try to hide behind/under the fountain, since he identifies no one as anyone he knows yet I think the best he can do at this point is try to figure out what is going on and hold his action until someone is hostile to him.


OOC: Insight: Bilkar gets the strange vibe that the old wizard is mad, like a bear with a thorn in it's paw combined with a raccoon with rabies. So we will say you dived for cover (movement) and that dodge is your action if that is ok




Zuleyka fully drew her wand and rapier as the thump of magic indicated the wizard had returned. And he seemed indignant that they had touched his bag

Con save: 1D20+1 = [9]+1 = 10

Zuleyka felt the wave of magic wash over her and take hold. She cursed. This would draw the guard down on them if nothing else did! And she wasn’t willing to be that two drow would be treated kindly.

Zuleyka watched as Sszi’rac’s sword bounced off of the wizard’s magical protection.

“Get this done, male!” Zuleyka told Sszi’rac. She winced in annoyance at the brigh sun in her eyes as she stabbed with her rapier. But that infernal sunlight glinting off the fountain water threw off her aim.

Action: Attack wizard with rapier
Rapier attack disadvantage: 2D20.LOW(1)+4 = [11, 8]+4 = 12
1D8+3 = [2]+3 = 5

Bonus Action:
Free Object Interaction:

HP: 7/7
AC: 13

Cantrips: Dancing Lights, Fire Bolt, Green Flame Blade, Shocking Grasp
L1 (2/2): Absorb Elements, Burning Hands*, Disguise Self*, Magic Missile, Shield*, Sleep


OOC: Actually 12 is a hit
arcane ward -21 pts

The old mad wizard seemed unconcerned about the rapiers as the thrusted and poked towards him. But Ssz'irac still held his pack and that DID irritate him (greatly). "Sola' hemdy!" he intoned pointing at the drow. But the spell wasn't what caused Ssz'irac to gasp in surprise. Suddenly the amber glow seemed to be drawn inside the dark elf and the cantrip spell he learned as a child was suddenly gone. As if eaten away from his memory, by the weird magic.

OOC: @Charwoman Gene to finish the round


Bilkar Gnome Druid

OOC: Are there any signs of a city watch or anything along those lines? Has everyone kind of scattered and left the market place, how is everyone else reacting to this fight breaking out?


OOC: Only been about 8 seconds so no guard yet.

Looking frantically about Bilkar sees that the folk in the marketplace have ducked for cover behind stalls, wagons, or other people. Desperately looking for someone to help him out of this situation, the faerie fire surrounding the gnome starts to dim, but doesn't go out. The drow lost his glow - it went away, but it looks like the gnome will glow like this forever.

OOC: Glowing now as bright as a candle, no game effect.
RP effect, yes.

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