D&D 5E EB's One Shot - Irongrad (IC)


As Bilkar's magic starts to take form the old wizard waves a hand nonchalantly and the gnome's spell is countered instantly. Bilkar can only stand fuming at the development before him.

Ignoring the intense magic linking him with Rilla he reaches for the pack and pulls it hard from the male drow's hand. As he reaches for the case Zuleyka strikes out. The arcane ward gives way finally and the rapier draws blood from the outstretched arm of the wizard.

A shocked look crosses the wizard's old face and then just as before there is a *thump* as the air around where the wizard once stood fills that area once more. The twinkling colors of magic cascades to the ground, and the group is alone once more.

Going back to back as they look around (not because they are a well oiled machine), the group watches and waits for the wizard to return. During this time the glow around Zuleyka winks out, and her Dancing Lights cantrip along with it. Rilla and Bilkar continue to glow dimly, and Ssz'irac is freed from the spell which kept him paralyzed.

The wizard doesn't return. Instead twelve town guard surround the group and the fountain leveling halberds at them all.

00_guard.jpg "HALT! By order of the Magistrate you are all under arrest!" the captain yells. "Lay down your arms and magical implements, NOW!"

OOC: arcane ward -43pts
-6 HP to Wizard
In a side note +100xp to each PC

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Al puts his hand on his hip, "And just how am I supposed to 'lay down me arm'? The durned thing is attached!"

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A guard "pokes" at Alberich with his halberd. "Drop the axe smart mouth," he says gruffly. Three other guards aim their weapons in the dwarf's direction.



Round 0

Zuleyka looked around warily as the wizard disappeared, expecting him to pop in again. The light emanating from her winked out, and she gasped a little as she felt the magic disappear from her.

“What was that?”

And then the guard came, lowering halbards. “Lolth’s ass! I told you we should have come at night, male!” she cursed Ssz’irac. Part of her wanted to fight. Surfacers were no match for drow skill at arms! Or drow magic. She might be able to get away if she maneuvered to keep Ssz’irac and the others between her and the guards, slip into the crowd, and cast a spell. Three of them were already focused on the dwarf and not on her.

“To the Abyss with you!” Zuleyka muttered, extending her wand and releasing a burst of fire even as she started moving.

OOC: Sorry. Drow arrogance and selfish disregard for others made the math for surrender not add up! If it will be too disruptive to the plot, feel free to auto her getting caught somehow. The plan is to get into the crowd and cast Disguise Self to hide.

Action: Cast Burning Hands to catch as many guards as possible
Dex Save DC12
Burning Hands fire damage: 3D6 = [2, 5, 6] = 13
Move: Weaving to keep the other PCs between me and the guards for cover as she races for the crowd.
Bonus Action:
Free Object Interaction:

HP: 7/7
AC: 13

Cantrips: Dancing Lights, Fire Bolt, Green Flame Blade, Shocking Grasp
L1 (1/2): Absorb Elements, Burning Hands*, Disguise Self*, Magic Missile, Shield*, Sleep


Bilkar Gnome Druid

Oblivious to the idea that he might be included as someone under arrest Bilkar leans his staff against the fountain and dips his hands into the fountain and rubs his hands together as if trying to wash away the glow. Thoughts running through his head. Didn't think that would work... How long does the spell last... What did Bilkar do? This is a bad market.

"Why does BILKAR GLOW! Bilkar...." His furious words and childish temper tantrum stance is disrupted by the sound of roaring flames. He jumps in shock, flailing his arms before dropping to his knees, grabbing his staff and skurrying under the fountain again, this time to the other side. Bilkar find a different market, one not at war. Bilkar tries to move away from the commotion.


the magical equivalent to the number zero
Barely freed of the magical paralysis, Ssz'irac has just enough time to flex his muscles before his companion starts conjuring fire at the townguards.

"No, no, they're--," the drow starts before realizing the futility. The fight was on.

Catching the halberd from one of the guards, Ssz'irac deftly jumps over the weapon, but when he attempts to walk across the heft and the guardsman's head to get out of the ring of guards, the dark elf almost slips.

OOC: Acrobatics check: [roll0]

Not sure if the guards are quick enough to catch him.


Chaos erupts as the drow try to escape, and Bilkar tries to squirrel his way away from the market. Two men are caught in the fire of the spell, and one guard's tabard catches fire. A daring dash and Zuleyka is through the circle of guards and among a fruit stall. She ducks and prepares to cast her spell, and then...


Someone hiding in the stand strikes her from behind. Two guards react quickly to the merchant's cries and suddenly she is seized by both of her arms. Fighting and pulling to get away she is dragged off out of sight.

Ssz'irac tries a bold move of his own, but the screaming guard that is on fire, bumps into a fellow guard that causes a cascade of bodies that end up tumbling into the drow acrobat. The humans not being as agile or light on their feet, accidentally trip up Ssz'irac and two come tumbling down atop him pinning him under their heavy bodies and armor. He is then manacled (hands and feet) and taken away.

Bilkar scurries around the fountain, trying to stay small and silent. He waits for an opening and breaks for a rug hanging from a line. He gets two steps, and is hoisted from behind by the scruff of his neck. "Not so fast little one." a massive guard (who must be half-ogre) says as he easily lifts the gnome up and holds him at arms length.

The last trouble maker caught, the guards, start to restore order to the market as they escort Al and Rilla along with the others towards the center of town.

OOC: There all tied up in a nice neat bow. Had this been IRL, I would not have been so mean and gave a few of you a shot, but in PBP this could have taken a month to resolve, lol
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The group is shackled and taken to a guard post. Couriers run reports to the magistrate and everyone sits and waits until they are told what to do. And as you wait you overhear some guards talking about the incident.

"Heard it was Mad Merrim again. What's that four time this month?" one says with a laugh.

"Fifth, maybe sixth. Always causing a stir, they need to stop that old coot. I'm tired of earning my pay."

"Least the drow witch didn't singe of your eyebrows, like poor ol' Hob, Haha!"

"Yeah, Haha!"

They continue by laughing and you catch nothing more form anyone. Until finally (maybe two hours) a magistrate arrives a top a winded horse. He must have road hard from wherever he was, but why.

He listens to everyone's story (truth or not) then says.

"When I heard you had had a run in with Merrim the Mad, I went to see Ghilarite the Sage. He has been looking into the problem we have been having lately with the mage. I am authorized to release all of you into his custody, charges and fines to be dropped, in exchange for whatever service he requires of you. To last no more than one week, which would be the imprisonment term for the charges mention before. Do you agree to accompany me this hour to Ghilarite, and thus a chance to earn your pardons?"

OOC: He and the DM await your reply.
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