D&D 5E EB's One Shot - Irongrad (IC)


[sblock=OOC]First save vs Hold Person for Ssz'irac DC19
Second is the effect of the curse. It eats away at a persons magical ability.
To start you lose a random cantrip (my rolls above)- For Ssz'irac it was his only.
Alberich will lose his vicious mockery cantripEDIT: and Rilla will lose Prestidigitation this turn

Zuleyka will lose her Dancing Lights on round 4.
Bilkar made his save so he doesn't lose any magic EDIT same with Rilla, but the faerie fire doesn't go away it does however dim to the brightness of a candle and has no in game effect, just a lot of
RP, as you now glow until the curse is gone.[/sblock]

OOC: Round 1 over - owe Rilla an extra action
Round 2 Party is up.
Besides casting the spell at Ssz'irac the wizard seems
not to care about the group.
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Al sees the wizard doing funky things, and feels his own magic being effected.

"No ye don't, ye durned mage," he says, drawing his battle axe and jumping at the wizard, trying to hit him with the blunt side of the axe, holding it in two hands.

OOC: Attack: [roll0] Damage: [roll1]

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Poor Al slips in his wet shoes and swings wide. Again the mage seems not to look in the dwarf's direction or react to the threat of the axe.

OOC: Wow that spell hurts for lvl 1
Arcane ward -38 pts, and about to pop!


Bilkar Gnome Druid

Muttering to himself frantically in the Gnome tongue. "Bilkar is glowing, why is Bilkar glowing, Bilkar was never a lightening bug." He looks up at the mad wizard. "You did this, you fix this."

Bilkar stands defiantly, "Stop this fighting! You! Why does Bilkar Glow? Bilkar did nothing. You will fix this!"

OOC: If he fails to get the wizards attention with words than Bilkar will cast Entangle (STR save DC 12) and repeat his command at the wizard. It will doubtlessly get some of the party too but at this point Bilkar is really just looking for answers from this Wizard rather than killing him. (and I'm guessing most PC's won't have a problem with that DC anyway)


the magical equivalent to the number zero
OOC: Save vs Hold Person (WIS): [roll0]

Ssz'irac tries to flinch as Zuleyka sneers at him, but his muscles don't respond. He tries to mutter a witty reply, but his tongue stays still. He wants to stab the wizard who stole his magic, but his body seems deaf to his call!

Paralyzed, Ssz'irac curses angrily inside, but nothing happens. Only his eyes blink, once, twice.
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Round 2

Zuleyka’s rapier glanced off the arcane ward just as Ssz’irac’s had. Well, Zuleyka knew that shield had to fail sometime. She glanced over at her male companion when he gasped, seeing the amber light sink into his dark skin.

That couldn’t be good.

Zuleyka was still glowing, too.

The dragonborn lashed out with lightning at the mad wizard, and the ugly dwarf jumps in with an axe. He wasn’t glowing anymore, either.

Then she noticed Ssz’irac wasn’t moving.

Well, Lolth’s ass, this wasn’t good.

“What have you done, wizard?” she demanded, lunging again with her rapier, striking him once more.

Strength save, if needed: Strength save: 1D20 = [1] = 1
Action: Rapier attack disadvantage: 2D20.LOW(1)+5 = [9, 13]+5 = 14
1D8+3 = [8]+3 = 11

Bonus Action:
Free Object Interaction:

HP: 7/7
AC: 13

Cantrips: Dancing Lights, Fire Bolt, Green Flame Blade, Shocking Grasp
L1 (2/2): Absorb Elements, Burning Hands*, Disguise Self*, Magic Missile, Shield*, Sleep

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