ZEITGEIST Empty Rooms outside Saxby's office


I'm remaking the RHC HQ map for use in Foundry, but I just noticed the two 2x2 rooms outside Saxby's office have no doors. I don't remember them being part of Digging for Lies, but rather than regret it later, I thought it prudent to check here to see if anyone knew their purpose(s).

My initial ideas are to use the one without a window as a secret room for the Saxby's safe, and the one with a window as a waiting room. I'm also adding roof access via a ladder in the closets by the stairs, though that's not terribly important to this post.

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I had the same exact doubt and I thought the same exact thing ahaha
I was thinking to move her safe in that secret room


For that matter, any ideas for the other 7 second floor rooms? Five 10x20's and two 10x15's; not exactly closets.

Inital thoughts:
-1 general storage room (lamp oil, paper, office supplies, tables, benches, misc. fire hazards)
-2 bathrooms (create water enabled plumbing!)
-3 team storage rooms (1 for each team; 5x5 area per member to stash gear, evidence still in use, change of clothes, cots for when they work too late)
-1 kitchen (where else do you heat up your fish?)

The four unlabeled non-closets on the first floor:
-1 is attached to the secret hall that looks in on the interrogation rooms, so that's probably a prep room.
-1 for janitorial staff/supplies
-1 ground floor bathroom
-1 supplies for the secretary pool


I could see one or two rooms with some bunk beds. Agents tend to work long days. I know my players always want their characters to sleep at the HQ, because it became late and they want to start early in the morning. Some having two hour travel times from home to HQ does make a difference.


Yeah the maps aren't really available to me to peruse since we finished... :( Not without a bunch of digging I don't need to do (off on the next games now so those are what I am looking at atm - lovely cloth maps of Sartar...)

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