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5E EN5ider #281: ZEITGEIST #7 - Schism (Part 2)

EN5ider continues delving into the intrigue of ZEITGEIST with today's installment into the steampunk adventure path, bringing a narrative close to the 7th module in the series (expect a companion PDF filled to the brim with NPC and monster statistics later this month).

We are still all blown away by the success of the A Touch More Class Kickstarter and if you haven't given it a look yet, you've only go 4 days left to do so! If you think it might be right for your table, check out the free previews of the geomancer and savant classes then join the almost 2,000 people that have pledged over $91,000/£72,000 to make these books (and the cardcaster deck) a reality! Mind you there will be not late pledges or pledge managers because this Kickstarter fulfills rewards ASAP after the funding period ends, so you get in now or you don't.

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Lately on EN5ider:

  • #281. ZEITGEIST #7 - Schism: Part 2. In this 37-page entry in the ZEITGEIST Adventure Path the party heads north to a glacial rift controlled by frost giants loyal to the Obscurati, and once there they must reach a frozen lich and trade Leone’s soul for Grappa’s aid.
  • #280. Mini-Adventure: The Shuggin's Heist. This mini-adventure can be easily included into any city where there are thieves—in particular the trio of Gribbles, Big Sam, and Escraz. These burglars have trespassed onto the manor of a powerful mage and stolen a potent artifact, a deck of enchanted cards that have quickly turned the entire heist into a debacle that's garnered the entire settlement's attention. Several of the watch have already been injured trying to bring these brigands to justice and the PCs are called in to handle the situation, but can they? This mini-adventure for 4-5 PCs of 6th level (and its randomized elements) was written by Tyler Omichinski, with illustration by Claudio Pozas and using a map by Dyson Logos.
  • #279. Hazards of the High Seas. With the Ghosts of Saltmarsh out there in the world it would be remiss of EN5ider not to release some content to help get your seafaring adventures out onto the water! Jeff Gomez has penned an excellent article in Hazards of the High Seas that details a 20 entry hyperlinked table of plot hooks, chance aquatic encounters, and maritime intrigue ideal to roll on whenever the question arises: what's that over the bow!?
  • #278. Top Shelf Components. All too often 5E groups wave away material components that are inexpensive, but there's no reason that aspect of spellcasting can't be made more exciting and engaging! In this EN5iderissue there are more than two dozen new material components (both expensive and otherwise) that modify and improve the spells they are used to cast, giving both mages and priests plenty of motivation to pay more attention to the reagents they need to work their magic. Written by Andrew Engelbrite; illustrated by Phil Stone.
  • #277. Archetypes of Antiquity. Take to the coliseum with the retiarius fighter archetype, a net-wielding combatant perfect for gladiator-style characters! Perhaps instead you might pierce the veil as a warlock of the Oracle patron, foreseeing what is to come just in time to dodge a lethal blow or even reveal to your enemy the final moment of its life? There's also the Family domain for clerics yearning for a sense of community and the means to protect it, as well as a new background appropriate for campaigns in ancient Greece or Rome (the Freed Slave). Written by Takeshi McFinn; illustrated by Marcel Budde.
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