Endur's Return to TOEE part 2


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The party rides in two rail cars, one after another, along the southwest track.

Working the pump handle of the cart is a move-equivalent action that moves the cart over level terrain at a speed of twenty, up an incline at a speed of 10, and down an incline at a speed of forty. Using the brake is a move equivalent action that slows the cart by 10 feet. Four medium sized people can fit in a cart comfortably.

After traveling 150 feet south, the party passes through a cavern where a couple of strange creatures are burning their way through stone. The party continues on past the strange creatures.

The party sees one two tunnels that lead east towards the other rail track. The party sees a passage that goes to the west. The tracks then begin to go up a rise.

After the party travels about 600 feet south along a winding path, the party then enters a large cavern where the tracks pass through the air over a pit. Down below in the pit, the other tracks cross beneath the party.

After another fifty feet, the tracks enter a large room. The cart track curves through this chamber. To the south, a wooden ramp slowly elevates the track at about a 15 degree angle. The wooden incline carries the track higher and higher above the floor of the high-ceilinged stone passage it runs through. The ceiling in this chamber and the passage to the south is fifty feet high.

After traveling another five hundred feet (and past a large opening to the west), the party arrives at the end of the tracks. A wooden platform lies at the end of the track. It stands forty feet high. A crank driven conveyor belt is on the eastern side of the platform, with small scooplike attachments suggesting that it was used to convey materials from the floor of the cave to the top of the platform.

Raner believes that this whole area has been extensively mined, but not in the last twenty years.

Det and Kef inform the party that this is the route to the Fire Bridge complex. The Fire Bridge leads across the Stalagos (the lake in the middle of the mountain) and is ruled by the insidiously evil Demon D'Gran, who owes allegiance to the Fire Temple.

Det and Kef lead the party out a side passage past an underground river, past a few side caverns that smell badly, through a fungi forest, and into a cave where a large dead creature is found.

A large corpse lies in this cave, desiccated and maggot ridden. Its black, armor plated skin and long claws are all that remains of its humanoid form. Its head has been removed. The cave is otherwise bare. A sour smell lingers in the air and a few insects buzz around the room. The corpse lies nearest hte east exit.

Det and Kef tell the party that this is the boundary of the forces under D'Gran's leadership.

Kerwyn sneaks forward invisibly and scouts further.

The central portion of the next cave is a pit about ten feet across and six feet deep full of animal bones and dung. The western end of the room has two patches of uprooted, dead fungus mashed into what appears to be large beds or nests. Two tall, muscular humanoid creatures stand near the pit, their scaly greenish hides scarred and pocked from many battles. (Room 36 on the map).

Kerwyn goes to sneak past the large green humanoids when one of them starts sniffing and says something that sounds like "Fee, Fi, Fo, Fum".

Kerwyn quickly retreats from the humanoids and returns to the party. The last he saw of the humanoids, both were sniffing the air with their long noses.


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“Damn, this place is huge!” Lenya says, while they ride on the rail.

“We have to get past those two greenish guys then? Det, Kef? Do you happen to know what their orders are? Do they guard the entrance? Would they attack members of the temple they do not know by sight? Would they stop you, for example, or someone wearing this?” Lenya shows them the temple amulet.


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Det responds in a friendly fashion to Lenya, "They probably wouldn't attack you, but they might stop you and ask questions.

"We would stop members from other parts of the temple and ask questions. And then let them pass.

"We would only attack members from other parts of the temple if they tried to sneak pass us or if we thought they were planning to murder us as soon as they passed us by.

"The other temples fight amongst themselves from time to time, but we were mostly neutral, being the guardians of the gate. These bridge guys are probably mostly neutral too.

"You are lucky you had us with you. We followed the path to the next temple complex and avoided a bunch of caves with monsters like this dead brute. Unfortunately, you have reached the end of our knowledge about this place ... this is as far as we have gone."

Det indicates a large monster lying dead on the floor. Lylamwyn isn't sure, but thinks the monster might have been an Umber Hulk.


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“Thanks for pointing that out. This thing surely looks unpleasant. So, how do we proceed. Should we try to talk to the guards? Though, they probably won't let us in, anyways.”


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"An where do we go when we get past them? I'd like a better idea o' what we're about to bite off before we head off ta fight a demon. "


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Det responds, "Don't look at me to answer that question. I don't know what you are doing here anyways.

"The Fire Bridge guys guard the bridge to the Temple of Evil in the center of the crater, but only priests are allowed to go there. So even if you beat the bridge guys, I don't know why you would want to go there.


The whole time, Toriah keeps an eye on Kef and Det, suspicious of both. "Th' fac' tha' priests go t' th' center's good enough reason f'r me," he says when Det answers.


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"Good point. Sounds like if we want to root out the priests we have to go through the fire demon." Then, turning towards Lylamwyn, "I don't suppose you have a spell to send him home?"

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