Endur's Return to TOEE part 2


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“No, actually, I just thought that that would be where the fire demon is. Guess I was wrong then, you certainly know that better... well, the halfling is where the demon is.”

OOC: Note, that sending him around the corner was meant to make sure his eating habits are not really observable, altho it's probably obvious enough that he does not only carry them there, I suppose...

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Det replies,
"I'm sure there is more than one demon in this place; after all, you have one demon tied up other there.

"D'Gran rules the Fire Bridge."


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While the Troll is eating and the party is deciding what to do next, Kerwyn goes and scouts invisibly.

(37) Kerwyn passes through a door and enters a lighted chamber. A simple black iron chandelier holds ten lit candles over a crude but sturdy wooden table in the middle of the room. A longspear has been wedged, point upward, into a crack between two floor stones near the table. A large ebony head, with compound eyes and massive mandibles, is thrust atop the point of the spear, its blood long dried on the shaft and the floor. A large, massive, troll-sized composite longbow and a quiver of arrows lean against the southeast wall.

Passing through another doorway, Kerwyn enters a long hallway. Kerwyn enters the first door on the right.

(38) Kerwyn enters a foul smelling room with a large green curtain with dark stains on the far wall. Pushing aside the curtain, he discovers a massive troll-sized bed chamber. Two large beds, a wooden table, three large chairs, and a heavy trunk furnish the room. Along the northeast and northwest walls, about six feet off the floor, a long wooden shelf holds skulls—mostly human, but some appear elven, dwarven, Halfling, gnome, and more bestial creatures as well. Shoved under the bed are several sheets of paper, a bottle of ink, and a pen. Kerwyn easily spots (17+10=27 ) a crude arrow trap triggered by the lock on the trunk. Kerwyn disables the launcher device (12+12=24) and picks the lock (17+12=29) of the trunk. Inside the trunk, Kerwyn finds: 1208 sp, three smokesticks, mw medium sized chainmail, a bag of bones, and a map to Troll Home.

Kerwyn passes out the far door. To the right he sees another chamber.

(39) This room has an open portcullis at the entrance and there is a lever on the north wall of the hall leading up to the room in the up position which probably raises and lowers the portcullis. This room smells of blood and urine. Whatever lives in this room chews on bones and does not appear to be present.

Kerwyn tries to open the door to the next room, but
(40) The door does not open. No lock to pick. This door will have to be bashed open.

Kerwyn moves down the hallway until he enters an armory.
(41) Racks of weapons and shields hang on the wall, and other weapons lie on two tables in the room’s center. Longswords, shortspears, morningstars, heavy flails, and halberds are on the wall. Short swords, daggers, javelins, nunchaku, warhammers, and throwing axes are on the tables. An unlit lantern sits on a small table in the middle of the room.

Moving on, Kerwyn picks a lock on the next door and discovers a storeroom full of goods.
(42) Boxes, barrels, sacks, and bundles fill this storeroom with all sorts of fresh goods, ranging from food (fruit, flour, vegetables, meats, cheeses, wine, ale, etc.) and various dry goods (rope, chains, blankets, paper, torches, tools, clothing, etc.).

(43) The next door Kerwyn opens reveals a gruesome room with a large pile of bones, many of them crushed with an indentation suggesting that something large frequently reclines upon the bones. Blood splatters the walls and floor, although most of the stains appear old.

Moving past that room, Kerwyn enters a Great Hall

(44) This large chamber appears to be a feasting hall. Four long tables with benches on either side fill most of the central part of the room. The southwest 15 feet of the room is raised 1 foot higher than the rest of the room. A throne-like wooden chair is pushed against the southwest wall, carved with images of fire and torment. A long iron chain is connected to the wall, the rest coiled near the large chair. A small, moaning and begging, humanoid hangs from the manacles on the southeast wall, her feet three feet above the floor. The wall around and behind her is stained maroon and filled with cracks and chips. Near the entrance in the northwest wall is a stack of black iron spheres, each about 4 inches across.

The large double doors are open and outside the doors Kerwyn can see a large Demon with long curved hortns, blue black scales that cover 2/3 of his body, and piercing yellow eyes. The Demon wears a green kilt and a wide belt covered with copper plates and an unholy symbol of the Elder Elemental Eye. Kerwyn thinks the Demon might be unseen except for Lenya’s ability allowing Kerwyn to see the invisible. In addition to the Demon, also outside the double doors are a male half-orc with bright red hair wearing a tunic covered in pockets and straps, a large stocky human woman with short black hair and a tattoo of a bat on her face wearing garish tight-fitting yellow and orange clothing, and two green, lean, long legged bipedal reptilian creatures with wicked looking claws on its feet and a brightly colored hide that reminds you of a tropical bird.

The Demon and the others with him would see if Kerwyn attempted to rescue the Halfling. The presence of the reptiles would probably prevent Kerwyn from being able to sneak past the Demon towards the Giants and the bridge across the lake or deeper into the complex.

(45) From a distance, Kerwyn spots several human warriors guarding this room.

(46) In the distance beyond the Demon, Kerwyn can see two Giants standing outside the Crater on a bridge that crosses the lake in the center of the volcano.

(51) From a distance, Kerwyn spots what looks like several gnolls guarding this room.

Kerwyn returns to the party and tells the others what he saw.


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Lenya will let Kerwyn 'steal' her protective magic (Dark One's Own Luck), to make his body or mind more resilient to the magical assaults, they might face.

She will tell Slaszh, that they are going to defeat the demon, D'Gran, because that is why they are here... that and to get into the center temple. She asks him, if he wants to help. She explains to him, that the promise of immunity to fire surely was a lie, demons are like that, and that they can make him resistant to fire for a while, at least. And maybe they can steal the knowledge of immunity from the temple.


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"Goin back along the tracks will likely attract anything we woke up comin in. Also we've got to do something with them;" Raner says, pointing at the prisoners, "as well as needing to rest before Belaver can bring back Lylamwin and Neshi. Given the prisoners, I think we need to hole up somewhere nearby, possibly in one of the rooms occupied by the trolls."

Raner frequently keeps an eye on Slaazh, because while he trusts the mercs as far as their next payment, he doesn't trust the troll any further than his next meal. Which could easily be one of them.


While the others are discussing their next course of action, Kerwyn takes a look at the demonic wizardess' spellbook and component pouch (and figure, while he's at it).


"I think we shoul' stop an' res'. Wherever you think we shoul'. We need t' recover from this fight an' th' loss of our companion," Toriah says.

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