Endur's Return to TOEE part 2


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Belaver cast barkskin on Toriah and Torn (+3 ac each)

Kerwyn and Toriah sneak past the tower into the room with the altar. Their reduced size seems to aid their sneaking.

Kerwyn and Toriah wait for sound of the attack.

The rest of the party watches and waits to see what happens as Lylamwyn orders the Dire Bear Skeleton to go attack the Gnolls.

Then they hear the Dire Bear Skeleton attacking the gnolls in the distance. The sound is minimal, but they act immediately in case the priest heard the noise.

Surprise Round
7: Dire Bear Skeleton shreds a Gnoll (10+15+2 charge=27 hit, dmg 15)
6: Kerwyn casts Web on Evil Cultist (DC 17, Reflex save 11+5=16 fails, cultist trapped in the web)
6: Toriah
6: Belaver slings a stone at a Gnoll (7+9=16 hit, dmg 3); Neshi then bites the Gnoll and drags him to the ground (18+ hits, dmg 8)
6: Lenya moves forward and blasts a Gnoll unconscious (touch attack 18+8=26 hit, dmg 11)
6: Lylamwyn shoots his light crossbow at a Gnoll, but the bolt is deflected by the Gnoll's shield (6+5=11 miss)
6: Raner charges two Gnolls and cuts them down with a powerful two-handed blow with his axe (13+12+2 -7 PA=20 hit, dmg 20; cleave 15+12+2-7PA=22 hit, dmg 20)
6: Craven charges a Gnoll and pulps the Gnoll's head (20/11+ confirm critical dmg 22)
6: Torn charges a Gnoll, but her blow is deflected by his shield (2+7+2 charge=11 miss)

At the end of the suprise round, the cultist is trapped in the web. Five of the six Gnolls are dead or dying.
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Round 1
14: Last Gnoll Howls and attacks Neshi (18+3=21 vs. ac 21-2 charging= hits, dmg 10)
13: Evil Cultist begins to laugh insanely
7: Dire Bear Skeleton drops the last Gnoll (11+15 =26 hit, dmg 12)
6: Kerwyn casts Silence in the middle of the web; Kerwyn and Toriah no longer hear the evil laughter
6: Toriah
6: Belaver heals Neshi from the savage axe blow (Cure Light Wounds, heals fully) then does a standard move towards Kerwyn and Toriah
6: Lenya uses her Charm ability on one of the Dying Gnolls, telling him to surrender, but the Gnoll Growls at her (will save 19+5=24 success), then does a standard move towards Kerwyn and Toriah
6: Lylamwyn moves towards Kerwyn & Toriah
6: Raner moves towards Kerwyn & Toriah
6: Craven moves towards Kerwyn & Toriah
6: Torn moves towards Kerwyn & Toriah
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Round 2
14: Six Human warriors from the Tower room arrive in the Gnoll Room
13: The Cultist comes down from the altar passing through the webs as if they can not stick to him. He is carrying a trumpet in one hand and a bowl in the other. Smoky incense flows up out of the bowl as he blows the trumpet.
7: Dire Bear Skeleton moves and kills three of the human warriors in the Gnoll room (7+ hits, 14+ hits, 19+ hits, dmg 14, 17, 18)
6: Kerwyn (shield) moves and attempts to stab the cultist, but suffers horrible visions of evil and can't complete his attack (will save DC 16, 6+6+2 dwarf=14, fails)
6: Toriah (barkskin) moves into flanking position, and attempts to stab the cultist, but suffers horrible visions of evil and can't complete his attack (will save DC 16, 13+2=15 fails)
6: Belaver & Neshi double moves and can see the cultist
6: Lenya double moves and can see the cultist
6: Lylamwyn double moves and can see the cultist
6: Raner double moves and can see the cultist
6: Craven double moves and can see the cultist
6: Torn (barkskin) moves forward and summons "Justice Bringer", a manifestation of the Sword of Hieroneous. The Sword appears in front of the cultist and cuts the cheek of his face (20/10+7=17 does not confirm critical, dmg 3, DC 13 concentration check 12+12=24, cultist does not lose concentration)
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Hate glitters in Torn's eyes as she sees the goateed cultist - her cheif tormenter. As he seems incorperal, she stops her advance and gives a soft prayer to her god for assistance, in the form of a transulcent sword, which springs up behind the man and slams into his skull.

OOC: Cast spiritual weapon +71d8+2 for 7 rounds.


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Maps of the encounter area

The party came from room 70, the Tower with the human guards was in room 71, the Gnolls were in room 72, and the room with the altar is 73.

Kerwyn and Toriah were lurking near the corridor leading to the Gnoll room when they attacked the cultist. The party is running down the corridor from the Gnoll room towards Kerwyn and Toriah. The cultist was near the circle at the center of the altar when the web and silence fell on him. He is now on the steps down from the altar facing the corridor that goes towards the gnolls (outside the web).


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"Dammit, unsticky-spell it seems..."
Kerwyn engages the cultist, positioning so that Toriah can flank with him, and then sticks his dagger in the cultist's gut.

On continuing rounds, when he gets his sneak attack, Kerwyn sacrifices both dice to Steal Spell and Steal Spell Effect.

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