Endur's Return to TOEE part 3


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Character Thread (PCs and major NPCs)

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Dalamar: Kerwyn, Dwarven Spellthief (was Suel Human)
Isida Kep'Tukari: Craven Proudheart, Human Paladin of St. Cuthbert
Manzanita: Torn (Rowena Eldred), Human Cleric
Paxus Asclepius: Belaver Thornfoot, Halfling Druid
Pyrex: Raner Bluestone, Dwarven Fighter
Seonaid: Toriah, Dwarven Rogue (was Half-elven, then Goblin)
Thanee: Lenya, Rhennee Warlock
Xael: Lylamwyn Aleandlues, Dwarven Wizard (was Gray Elf)

The Story continues ...

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The party of 8 plus Neshi flee from the Dragon's Den, hoping to resupply and rearm themselves and come back later to the Outer Fane of the Terrible Cult.

The party moves towards the Fire Door. The Great Fire Door opens, perhaps recognizing that the party carries the unholy symbol that once belonged to Naquent.

The party passes across the Fire Bridge without incident (the Lammassu thanks the party and leaves here, flying above the mountain away from the cult). High above, are cultists riding upon giant wasp-like creatures, but the cultists do not pursue the party.

Upon arriving in the Fire Bridge guar area that was once guarded by the proven mortal demon D'Gran, the party does not encounter any opposition except for a lone zombie -- a headless drow that falls before the party almost immediately.

The party passes south through the area that once contained orcs and enters the abandoned dwarven temple.

The party exits the dwarven Temple through the secret passageway and exits Mount Stalagos without further interference from the cult.

Away from the cult, the party breathes a sigh of relief. Although Lylamwyn points out that he thinks the party is being scried upon from a distance.

The party starts on the long journey towards Hommlet, hiking through the Kron hills. Two weeks or more it will take to get to Hommlet and safety.

The party avoids Rastor, that den of orcs and ill repute, on its track through the Kron hills.

Late at night on the first day of travel, the party camps for the evening. Lacking supplies, the party forages for food and water and a makeshift camp is created.

Then a evil cultist appears in your midst. Varachan, the elven cultist that once wrote letters to Lylamwyn. He has a ball of gleaming crystal in his right hand, a bag in his left hand, and a longsword at his belt.

Varachan says, "I am overjoyed to see you are still alive. I had hopes that Kerwyn and Lylamwyn would come up with a way to escape, but I could not aid you -- for one of you is not who you think. Craven is a prisoner in the Black Tower of the Inner Fane. The one with you who claims to be Craven is a demon!"

Craven responds, "Varachan is evil. He seeks to twist us against one another and confuse us. He wants us to be sacrificed to his dark god!"
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“Either you want to help us, or not. How can we be sure? You have been with them when they overwhelmed us to take us all prisoner. You said then, that the dragon is to keep our possessions. We would like to get those back. I believe we still have some use for them.”


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“Craven can easily prove that. A demon would surely not be able to heal wounds like he is.”

Lenya watches out for Craven, but also keeps an eye on the grey elf, ready to send a noxious eldritch blast against either who starts to cause trouble.


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Lylamwyn glances at the crystal ball Varachan is holding in his hand, and then at him. "As Lenya said, it's quite easy to prove whether Craven is real or not.", he says and points at the bag he is holding. "What is in the bag?", he asks, sounding more careful than curious.

Lylamwyn has a single Magic Missile spell left (I think), and he keeps it at ready in case a fight breaks out.

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Craven instantly agrees, "I healed people several times earlier today, and I have one more Cure Light Wounds spell left. Although nobody has an injury right now."

Belaver recalls that the shapeshifter that replaced Master Jaroo as leader of the Old Faith had the power to cast minor cure spells, and avoided being placed in a position where he had to cast more powerful spells.


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“Not a spell, everyone can do that... ok, maybe not everyone. I mean your ability to heal with just a touch of your hand. I havn't seen anyone else do that yet.”


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His hand on the hilt of the dagger tucked into his belt, Raner responds to Varachan. "I've far more reason to trust Craven than t' trust you. Ye best be havin more than vague accusations."

Paxus Asclepius

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Thanee said:
“Not a spell, everyone can do that... ok, maybe not everyone. I mean your ability to heal with just a touch of your hand. I havn't seen anyone else do that yet.”
"Have we seen Craven do that since our escape? We've already met one shapeshifter who can cast healing spells and pretend that they're divine gifts."

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