Endur's Return to TOEE part 3


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Imix, Prince of Evil Fire Elementals


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The room the party currently occupies is roughly 120' on a side (4 sides in a diamond configuration, with north, east, south, and west being points of the diamond). Well lit by all of the flames.

The party is standing in the middle of the room. Using a clock as a metaphor and 12 oclock being north, Door 1 is at 11 oclock, Door 2 is at 1 oclock, Door 3 is at 2 oclock, Door 4 is at 4 oclock, Door 5 is at 5 oclock, Door 6 is at 7 oclock, Door 7 is at 8 oclock, door 8 is at 10 oclock.


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Torn's self discipline stifles a curse, and instead she utters holy words to cure her team for the forthcoming battle.

Casts Cure serious wounds, mass, dropping SMVII. Cures 3d8+14 for each party member.

1st – Protection from Evil(D), Comprehend Languages, obscuring mist, shield of faith, hide from undead, command, remove fear
2nd – Spiritual Weapon (D), calm emotions, Bulls Strength, Silence, Zone of Truth, Delay Poison, Calm emotions
3rd – Magic Circle against Evil(D), Dispel Magic, Prayer, Stone Shape, searing light, remove curse,
4th – Holy Smite(D), Summon Monster IV, Dismissal, Divine Power, Restoration
5th - flame strike(D), scrying, summon monster V, True Seeing
6th - Blade barrier(D), greater dispel magic, Undeath to death, SMVII
7th - Holy Word(D), SMVIII, Destruction


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“Good lord...”

Lenya calls upon her inborn power and conjures a mass of writhing tentacles to attack the forces beyond the 8th door.

OOC: Chilling Tentacles centered on a point right in front of the 8th door.

Paxus Asclepius

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Belaver summons another Huge elemental, this time gambling that a fire elemental will prove resistant enough to the effects of the various monsters arrayed against them to be worth the difficulty in identifying targets. He orders his summoned allies to move to block Maliskra, and Neshi to retrieve the fallen skull-and-ruby.


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Round 4

As the massed hordes of fire creatures begin to charge the party, Neshi picks up the crystal skull with the glowing ruby.

There is a flash of red light from the ruby in Neshi's mouth. The plane of fire and the horde of creatures fade away.


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Belaver is standing in a grove containing redwood trees several thousand years old. A smiling Neshi is curled at Belaver's feet and wagging his tail. Six robed figures surround Belaver, chanting in the ancient tongue.

A woman’s voice says, “We welcome you, Belaver Thornfoot, Savior of all Oerth’s creatures, into the Order of Hierophants. Long shall you be remembered among the foremost of the Old Faith.”

Lenya has rejoined her family along the docks of the City of Greyhawk. Her mother, her brother, and other relatives are glad to see her once more, even though they don’t quite comprehend everything Lenya has gone through.

Lylamwyn (back in his elven body) is smoking a pipe while seated by the fireplace with Lord Burne and Lord Rufus in their castle overlooking Hommlet. Lord Rufus lost his perennial scowl and wore a happy grin after hearing Lylamwyn’s news.

Lord Burne looks over images in his crystal ball and says, “Mount Stalagos erupted. The island that had the Inner and Outer Fanes was vaporized, the lake evaporated, and the mines collapsed. The orcish trading post in the valley below the mountain was buried in ash and rubble. No one and nothing survived. Not a trace left of these cultists you defeated.

”The Elemental Nodes were re-sealed and the lower levels of the Temple of Elemental Evil were again buried by an earthquake.”

Raner is back in Hommlet, where his parents are throwing a celebration in the Inn of the Welcome Wench. Rerrid Hammersong and the other dwarves that the party rescued are also guests at the party. Everyone has a fine time. There are rumors of adamantine veins exposed by the eruption of Mount Stalagos.

Torn is in the Monastery she left several months ago. The head of the Order consoles Torn on the loss of her companions and the failure to rescue the ambassador.

He says, ”Your original quest was not accomplished, but you accomplished a far more important quest. You defeated the reborn Temple of Elemental Evil, an impressive accomplishment.

“Now you must return Fragarach to the Canon of Rao in Veluna. The Gods lent Prince Thrommel the Sword to wage war against the Temple of Elemental Evil at Emridy Meadows. The sword was lost during the battle until you found it, and now it must be returned to the Gods. You found no clues regarding what happened to Prince Thrommel, but it might be for the best that old wounds were not re-opened.”

Kerwyn (in dwarf form) is naked and hanging upside down, suspended by iron ankle cuffs, in a fully equipped torture room. A huge demon with four arms and a doglike head is seated on a throne and speaking to an incredibly beautiful woman with transparent bat wings and tiny horns.

”So there I was, the only demon who knew the location of the four power gems. I had it made in the shade. I, Infinitus, was going to become a Demon Prince. The cultists had the audacity to offer me a lot less for the gems. As if I would accept three wishes for the gems. The nerve of some cultists. I wanted my own Abyssal Plane and they were going to have to give it to me to get the location of the gems. I even let them have the fire gem to prove I knew where the other gems were.

“Then do you know what happened? Some lying Suel thief told the cult that the other gems were in the old Moathouse outside of Hommlet. Of course the gems weren’t there, but the cult wasted time looking for the gems and that was time they weren’t spending on cutting a deal with me.

“So I’m sitting here, letting the cult waste time, and then the lying Suel thief I mentioned earlier, he goes and pulls some levers, letting out a group of adventurers from the cult’s jail. These adventurers then wipe out all the cultists in the Outer Fane.”

“But that’s not enough. The adventurers had to go and kill Lareth too.

“Lareth was the only one who could use the power gems to their full potential. It will be another thousand years before another Champion of Elemental Evil comes around. 1000 years before there will be any cultists that will want to trade me an Abyssal plane for my gems.

“One thousand years!!!!

“Hey dwarf, I have a thousand years to kill and I really want to meet this guy named Kerwyn. I know you are a lawful type and wouldn’t lie to us. So why don’t you tell us where we can find Kerwyn and save us all some pain?”

Kerwyn knows the answer to his next dilemma.

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