Endur's Return to TOEE part 3

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Where is Toriah's soul-less body while this fight is taking place? (i.e. how many feet away from where Torn summoned the elemental abomination)


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OOC: I'm not sure where we are exactly. It would be wherever we stopped to draw from Kerwyn's deck. Since the wishes were taken quite quickly, no extensive preperation would have been taken. Toriah would have been led aside, out of the way. Torn did not expect a major fight, though, and wouldn't have put him in another room.


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Manzanita said:
OOC: no extensive preperation would have been taken. Toriah would have been led aside, out of the way. Torn did not expect a major fight, though, and wouldn't have put him in another room.

The wishes were taken in room 44 of the Outer Fane, where the party vanquished the last remaining group of cultists in the Outer Fane, including the Priestess of the Water Temple. The cards were drawn from the deck after the party had recovered from defeating the undead in the blasted yard and had to rest and recuperate becuase of energy drains from the wights.

There was only thirty seconds at most for someone to move Toriah out of the way. [rolled d100 + 20' = 56'] Toriah was 56' away from where Torn summoned Lareth.
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There is a brilliant flash of Red light from the ruby inset in the Orb of Oblivion.

Fire explodes around the party (everyone takes 18 points of fire damage except 13 for Lenya, no save, Lantern Archon is destroyed). The floor, the ceiling, and the walls are on fire, coated in burning flames.

Looking around, your surroundings appear to have changed. The party is now in a diamond-shaped room, with walls of black volcanic rock and eight doors made of charcoal-grey stone bound in brass. In one point of the diamond sits a strange sort of brass chair with no back built for a large creature. Sitting on the chair is a large salamander.

The no-longer-silenced Elemental Abomination laughs as it attempts to free itself from the grapple with the Earth Elemental.

(Lylamwyn thinks the party might be on the Elemental Plane of Fire now).

Round 2 (Haste, Prayer on the party):
25: Elemental Abomination (-105) attempts to escape the grapple by blasting the Earth Elemental with his rod (force blasts 6+ hit, dmg 29)
22: Kerwyn (-18, bulls strength, greater invisibility) stabs the abomination three times with his dagger (10+, 13+, 18+, 3 hits, dmg 11-10=1 and steals Fire Resistance 20 and strips the FireShield Spell Effect from the Abominatation, 9-10=0, 10-10=0)
21: Belaver (-18, Bearform, barkskin) attempts to cast Cure Seroius Wounds on Raner, but the burning flames ruin the spell (DC23 concentration, 1+ spell failed)
21: Neshi (-18, barkskin)
21: Huge Earth Elemental (-102) grapples the creature (grapple attempt 2+ vs. 11+ no dmg, grapple attempt 15+31-4+3 vs. 12+26 success, 16+ vs. 3+, success, dmg 28-10=18, 28-10=18; Earth Elemental took Force dmg 7).
21: Giant Constrictor Snake (-57) attacks the creature (3+15+3 luck+1 prayer +1 haste =23 hit, 9+ 15 +5 = hit, bite dmg 15-10=5, dmg 11-10=1, grapple 1+25+3 vs. 7+26 fails to constrict, grapple 11+ vs. 15+ fails, snake took Force dmg 5).
21: The Arrowhawk (-18) attacks the creature with an electrical ray (3+12+3=18 hit, dmg 14-14=0, no effect)
21: Lenya (-13) fires a Noxious Eldritch Blast which hits the Huge Earth Elemental and a Quickened Eldritch Blast which strikes the Abomination (concentration 20+, 16+ hit, dmg 27 to Earth Elemental, concentration 10+, SR 8+15vs. 22 success, dmg 27 to Abomination)
18: Torn (-18, Shield of Faith) casts Destruction, obliterating the Noble Salamander (DC26 concentration check 6+19 skill +1 prayer=26 success, DC20 Fort save 2+12=14 fail)
11: Lylamwyn (-18) casts Magic Missile (concentration 20+, SR22 vs. 2+10=12 fails)
10: Raner (-58) switches axe and attacks the abomination, swinging with both hands (17+ hit, power attack -4/+8, dmg 7+6+8=21) and cuts Lareth down
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Torn takes a 5 foot step back to avoid the combat, and cast Destruction. Figuring the Salamander might have lower saves, she'll cast it upon that creature if it is within 60 feet of her. Otherwise, she'll target Lareth.

If I don't post again before the next round, assume she steps forward to strike at Lareth again with Fragarach.


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Lenya continues to use her Noxious Blast against the creature, following up with a quickened empowered Eldritch Blast right away.

OOC: Toriah was 56' away from where Torn summoned Lareth. --- sounds about right. He wouldn't have been too close, or too far away. Guess he's now alone on the material plane?


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Knowing he can't withstand that much backlash from another volley of swings, and seeing that his axe barely scratched the creature Raner decides to focus his effort on a single swing and see if the axe passed down from his father can hurt the thing any worse than the shiny new one.

(OOC: Free Action: Drop +1 Dwarven Waraxe. Move Action: Ready Cold Iron Waraxe. Std Action: Power Attack for -4/+6)

(OOC2: No idea if his DR is n/ColdIron or not, but I've got to try *something*; being flash-fried while doing 2hp of damage is not a tenable plan...)


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Flames die down around the party, almost as if in mourning (9 to everyone, except 4 to Lenya and 0 to Kerwyn, destroys the juvenile arrowhawk).

The Champion of Elemental Evil fell from his many wounds and reverts to his human shape. Lareth, the Dark Hope of Chaotic Evil, lies dead before you.

A crystal skull with a brilliant ruby inset rolls free from his limp hand.

The walls rumble and shake.

The eight Great Brass doors swing open.

Beyond the first doorway is a sixty foot tall column of fire with a colossal sword. Imix, the Prince of Evil Fire Elementals has come.

Beyond the second doorway, is Maliskra, half-medusa, half-fire elemental Doom Dreamer.

Beyond the third doorway is the huge Red Dragon Chymon that stole your equipment.

Beyond the fourth doorway is a huge dog headed demon with four arms that Lylamwyn recognizes as a Glabrezu.

Beyond the fifth doorway is the female Efreeti that Lylamwyn recalls receiving a wish from and a second Efreeti.

Beyond the sixth doorway are eight fire giants.

Beyond the seventh doorway are nine huge fire elementals.

Beyond the eighth doorway are a dozen salamanders and twenty four burning skeletons (all medium size).

Round 3 (Haste, Prayer on the party):
25: Lareth, Champion of Elemental Evil (-196, dead)
22: Kerwyn (-18, bulls strength, greater invisibility, fire resist 20)
21: Belaver (-27, Bearform, barkskin) begins summoning a Fire Elemental
21: Neshi (-27, barkskin) fetches the Orb of Oblivion with the glowing ruby
21: Huge Earth Elemental (-145)
21: Giant Constrictor Snake (-71)
21: Lenya (-17) summons a mass of Chilling Tentacles in front of Door #8
18: Torn (-27, Shield of Faith) casts Mass Cure Serious Wounds (concentration 13+ success, heal 26 on everyone)
11: Lylamwyn (-27)
10: Raner (-67)
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