Endur's Return to TOEE part 3


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Map showing Mount Stalagos, the Crater Ridge Mines, the Outer Fane, and the Inner Fane attached. Inner Fane is the black tower at the center of the map, shown as a black spike pounded into the center of the volcano.


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After resting and recuperating and recovering spells and casting protective enchantmnets, the party moves across the blasted yard past the site where they fought the undead.

At the center of this area, pounded down into a wound in the earth like a spike pounded into flesh, stands a black tower gleaming with the sheen of a black adamantine alloy. The earth seems to recoil from the touch of this strange structure, so it is surrounded by the gaping trench of this wound, its black walls plunging downward out of sight. Cracks, exposing red hellish light from below, start at the wound and cross the blasted yard. No windows exist on the tower and the single door is accessible only via a narrow span bridge crossing over the wound.

The inner walls of the crater and the black tower rise over two hundred feet above you.

Sulfuric smoke is thick around the bridge, rising out of the cracks between the volcanic stone and the black Adamantine spike. Down below, you can see lava some sixty feet below the bridge.

The bridge is ten feet wide and made of a black iron alloy. The door is made of solid adamantine. No door handle or other method of opening the door is visible.

Paxus Asclepius

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Manzanita said:
"Does anyone have a spell that can open a door?" asks Torn warily.
"I do, though it's not particularly subtle; I can summon a Huge Earth Elemental, who should be strong enough to tear even such a door from its hinges given time."

[OOC: If attempted, the elemental can make two Power Attacks per round, each for 2d10+9+2(Augment Summoning)+1(Earth Mastery)+12(Power Attack), averaging 35, so 15 damage above and beyond hardness per attack, 30 per round, for up to 22 rounds. That'll get through 16.5 inches of adamantine wall.]


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“If it is not warded against extra-dimensional travel, I can move right through it, and take five more with me. But there is always a risk involved, when heading into unknown territory like this,” Lenya explains.


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Manzanita said:
Torn has only moments to take her wishes. It seems to her they must penetrate this tower and destroy those within, so wishing to remove the prisoners is pointless, since they mustenter the tower and fight that battle anyway. Instead, they must focus on helping their mission.

Wish one: "I wish to know the best way for me and my companions to foil this evil cult we have been battling."

The elf Varachan appears before the party, although he is more a creature of light than a being of flesh and blood.

"The best way to foil the evil cult?

"You must prevent Lareth from using the Orb of Oblivion or the Orb of Silvery Death to summon the Destroyer. With either of the orbs and the presence of the Princes of Elemental Evil, Lareth can attempt to summon the Destroyer and end the world. Lareth has already used the Elemental Gem of Fire to summon Imix, the Evil Elemental Prince of Fire. The cult does not yet have the other three elemental gems, so they have been unable to summon the other elemental princes. Lareth, Maliskra, Imix, and the Orb of Oblivion are in an elemental node, a fragment of the elemental plane of fire, accessible through the ruined Temple of Elemental Evil outside of Nulb."

Varachan turns to go, then he pauses and half turns back and says.

"The Sword Fragarach was prophesied to return in one of three ways. With a doom too terrible to speak of, in the hands of a hero true, or in the hands of Prince Thrommel.

"I returned the sword with a doom too terrible to speak of. You must make the rest of the prophesy come true."

Varachan turns to golden light and vanishes.


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"Thank you." Torn mutters to the departing elf. She then fingers the blade of her great sword, and looks down as she speaks. "I think my second wish should be to summon Lareth here. Now. Then we all kill him. Is everyone ready?"

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