Endur's Return to TOEE part 3

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Lenya hesitates for a moment. If she teleports a few of them out now, the rest will have to face the bulk of the undead alone, and she does not believe, that this would be a good idea. Thus, she starts blasting the creatures, that look as if they would fall quickly, the ones currently in combat with Raner and Torn, especially.

OOC: Sorry, missed that Lenya is through with porting in and out already. :)


First Post
The battle against the undead is hard and appears in doubt, but Belaver's summoned reinforcements eventually turn the tide.

The party destroys the remaining undead and retreats to recover. The party spends a day recuperating, praying for and casting restoration spells to remove the after-effects of the wounds inflicted by the undead.

While the party rests and recuperates, they think back and discuss their recent misadventures with the Deck of Many Things. Kerwyn, Toriah, and Torn each drew four cards from the fabled deck while Lenya selected a single card.

Kerwyn's first card was the Vizier. Kerwyn feels that he can draw upon a source of ancient wisdom to solve his next dilemma.

Kerwyn's second card was the Balance. Looking at the Scales of Justice, Kerwyn has a change of heart and his alignment changes to LAWFUL neutral.

Kerwyn's third card was the Flames. The card reveals a demon with a doglike head topped with horns, muzzle dripping with sharp fangs, and a look of hatred, staring at Kerwyn.

Kerwyn's fourth card was again the Flames, but this time the picture had changed. Kerwyn sees an extraordinarily beautiful demoness who momentarily changes her face to look like Craven and then changes back into her original form. She too has eyes that glare in hatred at Kerwyn.

Toriah drew his cards next.

Toriah's first card was the Throne. Immediately Toriah's back straightened and he stood taller, appearing much more the leader of this group than you had noticed previously. A magical scroll appeared in Toriah's hand. Toriah read out loud that he was the new owner of a castle that was being constructed where the ruined moathouse once stood outside Hommlet.

Toriah's second card was the Idiot. Toriah started to drool a little bit (-3 intelligence) while you wondered why someone would want to build a castle on top of the ruined moathouse.

Toriah's third card was the Void. Toriah dropped the cards, stopped drooling, and doing much of anything. His body still functions, but his mind (and soul) are gone.

Torn drew her cards next.

Torn's first card was the Skull. Death in the form of a shrouded figure armed with a scythe came for her. Unfortunately for Death, Torn was armed with the original sword of answering, and after a somewhat long combat, Fragarach shredded the dread wraith without ever missing.

Torn's second card was the Key. A glowing longsword appeared in her left hand (+4 longsword), just in case something should happen to Fragarach.

Torn's third card was the Sun. Light blazes all around her as a Belt with the Ancestral rune of Raner's Family appears in her hand (Belt of Dwarvenkind). Torn is now level 15.

Torn's fourth card was the Fool. Feeling somewhat foolish, Torn draws again. Torn is back to level 14.

Torn's fifth card is the Moon. Torn received two wishes.

Lenya drew one card next.

Lenya also drew the Sun. Light blazes all around her as a Figurine of Wonderous Power, Bronze Griffon appears in her hand. Lenya is now level 15.


First Post

“These cards contain powers beyond our wildest dreams. Maybe we can actually succeed on our quest here,” Lenya muses. She had somewhat given up on that, considering their most recent encounters, and the powers their opposition were able to command, but now things had changed...

Lenya looks at poor Toriah, fate was a cruel mistress sometimes and one should not test her patience. She then looks at her companions in turn, stopping at Torn, who seems to be the most likely person to know an answer to her next question.

“Do you think there is any way to save him?”


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Lenya Knowledge Arcana: 18, Spellcraft: 34
Lylamwyn Knowledge Arcana: 41, Knowledge the Planes: 20, Spellcraft: 33
Kerwyn Spellcraft: 26
Torn Spellcraft: 32

Lylamwyn thinks that a Wish might not be powerful enough to undo the power of an artifact such as the Deck of Many Things, but a wish might be able to reveal the plane where Toriah's soul is imprisoned.


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When Lylamwyn explains his theory, Lenya says: “I feared as much. We won't have the time to follow this path now. But maybe... if we succeed here... we can try to bring him back then.”


First Post
Somewhere else ...

A mad voice murmurs in the darkness ...

"After one thouand years, the time is almost upon us.

"My Lord Returns.

"Once before he wielded his power upon the world. Night became as Day. Seas boiled. Farm lands became glass. Mountains quaked. Civilizations became dust.

"He will finish what he begun. The end of the world is Nigh!"


First Post
Torn is very glad to have escaped the area around the tower without further deaths in the party. After defeating the dread wraith, she is becoming more and more captivated by her new sword.

She dons her new belt and jokes briefly with Raner in Dwarven, a rare moment of lightheartedness for her. The +4 sword she has no use for. "Anyone want this?" she asks the party.

"I now have two wishes. They are sure to come in handy this trip. If we complete our task, and I have one remaining, I will use it to locate Toriah's soul, and we can try to restore him. For now, though, I agree that we must focus on our current goal."

OOC: OK. wow. I'll get to work on her CS. Big changes...


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Watching the others draw from the deck, Raner decides that all things considered, fate is better left untempted; and wonders if the power the cards have bestowed is truly worth the price they have exacted.

"I knew ye'd come around eventually."
[/dwarven] Raner quips, after Torn puts on the belt

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