Epic Feat: Shared Healing (DP) question


WotC has flat out said that it doesn't apply to CLW, and there is consistent logic there. You go to perform the power and go 'Does this power allow the target to spend a surge? No. This bonus does not apply' then go to the target 'Okay, heal a surge's worth, no bonuses' instead of 'A surge's worth, plus 12'

But that's not what Cure Light Wounds actually says, is it? It says "The target regains hit points as if it had spent a healing surge". If the creature had spent, healing surge healers lore would apply - it definitely not the clearest wording around anyhow...

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The target gains the benefits of any feats or items that add to their surge value, certainly.

But CLW is not a power that allows the target to spend a healing surge, so Healer's Lore does not apply. There's a divide there - the _target_ acts as if they spent a surge. The cleric doesn't act as if their power lets someone spend a surge.

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