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Erekose13's Characters

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Tenebrynn's Spellbook

0TH-LEVEL - Resistance, Acid Splash, Detect Poison, Detect Magic, Read Magic, Daze, Dancing Lights, Flare, Light, Ray of Frost, Ghost Sound, Mage Hand, Mending, Message, Open/Close, Arcane Mark, Prestidigitation
1ST-LEVEL - Alarm, Endure Elements, Hold Portal, Protection from Chaos, Protection from Evil, Protection from Good, Protection from Law, Shield, Grease, Mage Armor, Mount, Obscuring Mist, Summon Monster I, Unseen Servant, Comprehend Languages, Detect Secret Doors, Detect Undead, Identify, True Strike, Charm Person, Hypnotism, Sleep, Burning Hands, Floating Disk, Magic Missile, Shocking Grasp, Color Spray, Disguise Self, Magic Aura, Silent Image, Ventriloquism, Animate Rope, Enlarge Person, Erase, Expeditious Retreat, Feather Fall, Jump, Magic Weapon, Reduce Person, Ashnar's Mark, Ashnar's Sparkstrike, Disturb Equilibrium
2ND-LEVEL - Arcane Lock, Protection from Arrows, Resist Energy, Acid Arrow, Glitterdust, Summon Monster II, Summon Swarm, Web, Detect Thoughts, Locate Object, See Invisibility, Hideous Laughter, Touch of Idiocy, Continual Flame, Darkness, Flaming Sphere, Gust of Wind, Scorching Ray, Shatter, Blur, Hypnotic Pattern, Invisibility, Magic Mouth, Minor Image, Mirror Image, Misdirection, Phantom Trap, Alter Self, Bears Endurance, Bulls Strength, Cats Grace, Darkvision, Eagles Splendor, Foxs Cunning, Knock, Levitate, Owls Wisdom, Pyrotechnics, Rope Trick, Whispering Wind, Ashnar's Athleticate Augmentation, Ashnar's Pyromagical Enhancement, Lesser, Ashnar's Fiery Shackles, Ashnar's Shield Swarm
3RD-LEVEL - Dispel Magic, Explosive Runes, Nondetection, Protection from Energy, Phantom Steed, Sepia Snake Sigil, Stinking Cloud, Summon Monster III, Arcane Sight, Clairaudience/Clairvoyance, Tongues, Hold Person, Daylight, Fireball, Lightning Bolt, Displacement, Illusory Script, Invisibility Sphere, Major Image, Blink, Flame Arrow, Fly, Gaseous Form, Haste, Keen Edge, Magic Weapon, Greater, Secret Page, Shrink Item, Slow, Water Breathing
4TH-LEVEL - Black Tentacles, Dimension Door, Locate Creature, Scrying, Confusion, Wall of Fire, Wall of Ice, Invisibility, Greater, Mnemonic Enhancer


Chenroeth, Litorian Mageblade 1

Chenroeth of the Seven Stars
Truename: Loremthar, currently only he knows his true name

male litorian mageblade 1: CR 1; male humanoid (litorian); HD 1d8+1; hp 9 (disabled -2, dying -12); Init +2; Spd 30 ft.; AC 18, touch 12, flat-footed 16 [+2 dex, +4 armor, +2 shield]; Bab +0; Grapple +3; Atk +4 melee (battleaxe, 1d8+4/x3) or +2 ranged (throwing axe, 1d6+3/x2/10'); SQ Athame, Litorian Qualities, Hero Points: 1; SV Fort +1, Ref +2, Will +0; Str 16, Dex 14, Con 12, Int 10, Wis 10, Cha 14.

Skills and Feats: Climb +4 [1], Concentration +5 [4], Intimidate +6 [2], Jump +5 [2], Listen +2, Search +3 [1], Speak Language (Common, Litorian), Spot +2, Wilderness Survival +3 [2]; Born Hero, Exotic Spell (true strike).

Athame(Su): Bonded with Runethorn his battleaxe. In his hands it functions as a battleaxe +1 and he is able to cast his spells with only verbal components.

Litorian Traits(Ex): Low-light vision.

Spells (3/1) Base Save 12+spell level. Currently readied: 0th - canny effort, detect magic, glowglobe (lesser); 1st - scent tracker.

Gear: Runethorn (battleaxe), throwing axes (2), chain shirt, long shield, flint and steel, rations (2), backpack, adventurer's outfit. 50gp

History: Long ago, before the Dramojh came, there was a legend among some of the tribes of the plains. The legend said that there will come a time when a great hero will be born among them when an unknown threat descended upon the land. The legend spoke of many signs which would help guide the people to their chosen one. Most tribes who knew of the legend followed the Rune Messiah, or those champions who came forward during the final war against the Dramojh. One tribe in particular, held the belief that the hero the legends spoke of had not yet come, that the portents had not been fulfilled. The Seven Stars tribe passed the legend down through the ages, telling the story at every Moon's Eve in a great ritual.

Chenroeth believes that he is that hero. He has always been very lucky and skilled in both war and wizardry. He is over confident in his abilities and many find his brash temperment can sometimes impeed his vision of the world. His tribal leaders have sent him out exploring, hoping that some worldly experience will tighten the rein on his cockyness. Two summers ago he left his tribe to travel; since that time he has helped a number of merchants traveling the plains. He has met many people in his travels and enlightened them all with tales of the hero of the seven stars tribe.

Personality: Chenroeth is very sure of himself and he likes to tales of his encounters. He will often tell stories about the hero, but he has a little bit of sense sometimes to avoid stating his belief that he is that hero. He values much of the things that all Litorians do - honor, truth, battle. In combat he is fearless and will not retreat from combat even against overwhelming odds because he feels that the slight against his honor would be to great.

Description: Chernoeth is a tall litorian and quite heavy. At 6'5" he towers over many of his companions. His mane is large and full, a point of pride for him. His fur is a light tan colour. He wears his chainmail and shield as often as he can. His twin throwing axes hang from his belt and his broad battleaxe, Runethorn is usually hooked into his harness across his back.


Groswen Anamne, Gnome Akashic 3

[B]Name:[/B][COLOR=Pink]Groswen Anamne[/COLOR]
[B]Class:[/B] Akashic
[B]Race:[/B] Gnome
[B]Size:[/B] Small
[B]Gender:[/B] female
[B]Alignment:[/B] LN
[B]Deity:[/B] Sovereign Host

[B]Str:[/B] 8 -1 (2p.)     [B]Level:[/B] 3        [B]XP:[/B] 3,301
[B]Dex:[/B] 11 +0 (3p.)    [B]BAB:[/B] +2         [B]HP:[/B] 28 (3d6+6)
[B]Con:[/B] 14 +2 (4p.)    [B]Grapple:[/B] -3     [B]Dmg Red:[/B] -/-
[B]Int:[/B] 16 +3 (8p.+1)  [B]Speed:[/B] 20'      [B]Spell Res:[/B] -
[B]Wis:[/B] 10 +0 (2p.)    [B]Init:[/B] +1        [B]Spell Save:[/B] +2 vs. Illusion
[B]Cha:[/B] 14 +2 (6p.)    [B]ACP:[/B] -2         [B]Spell Fail:[/B] -%
[b]Action Points:[/b] 6

                   [B]Base  Armor Shld   Dex  Size   Nat  Misc  Total[/B]
[B]Armor:[/B]              10    +3    +0    +0    +1    +0    +0    14
[B]Touch:[/B] 11              [B]Flatfooted:[/B] 14

                         [B]Base   Mod  Misc  Total[/B]
[B]Fort:[/B]                      1    +2          +3
[B]Ref:[/B]                       1    +0          +1
[B]Will:[/B]                      3    +0          +3

[B]Weapon                  Attack   Damage     Critical[/B]
Shortsword(S)              +1     1d4-1     19-20x2
Light Crossbow(S) - 80ft.  +2     1d6     19-20x2

[B]Languages:[/B] Common, Gnome, Goblin, Elf.

[B]Abilities:[/B] low-light vision, weapon familiarity (gnome hooked-hammers),
+2 save vs. Illusions, +1 DC for Illusions cast, +1 attack vs Goblinoids and 
Kobolds, +4 AC vs. Giants, +2 Listen, Craft(Alchemy), Spell-like abilities - 
1/day - [i]dancing lights, ghost sound, prestidigitation, speak with animals[/i]; 
skill memory (+2), perfect recall, delve into collective memory. 

[B]Feats:[/B] Investigator, Research, Favored in House (Sivis).

[B]Skill Points:[/B] 70       [B]Max Ranks:[/B] 6 (all skills are class skills)
[B]Skills                   Ranks  Mod  Misc  Total[/B]
Knowledge (arcana)         1    +6          +7
Knowledge (architecture)   5    +6          +11
Knowledge (geography)      5    +6          +11
Knowledge (history)        5    +6          +11
Knowledge (nature)         5    +6   +2     +11
Knowledge (nobility)       5    +6          +11
Knowledge (dungeoneering)  5    +6          +11
Knowledge (planes)         1    +6          +7
Knowledge (religion)       1    +6          +7
Search                     6    +3   +2     +11
Spot                       1    +0          +1
Listen                     6    +0   +2     +8
Survival                   6    +0          +6
Diplomacy                  5    +2   +2     +9
Gather Information         6    +2   +2     +10
Craft (alchemy)            1    +3   +2     +6
Sense Motive               6    +0          +6
*+2 Survival made underground, aboveground in natural environments, and to 
      avoid natural hazards or to keep from getting lost
*+2 Search for secret or hidden doors

[B]Equipment:               Cost  Weight[/B]
Shortsword(S)            10gp   1lb
Light Crossbow(S)        35gp   2lb
10 Bolts                  1gp   0.5lb
Studded Leather(S)       25gp   10lb
Journal#                 15gp   3lb
Notepad#                 15gp   3lb
Lots of Pens#             1gp   -lb
Ink#                      8gp   -lb
Belt Pouch#               1gp   1/8lb
50ft Silk Rope#          10gp   5lb
5 Pitons#                 5sp   2.5lb
Bedroll#                  1sp   2lb
10 Candles#               1sp   -lb
2 Map Cases#              2gp   1lb
Fishing Net#              4gp   5lb
3 Flasks#                 9cp   4.5lb
Flint and Steel#          1gp   -lb
Grappling Hook#           1gp   4lb
Hammer#                   5sp   2lb
Small Mirror#            10gp   1/2lb
20 days rations#         10gp   5lb
2 waterskins#             2gp   2lb
Sealing Wax#              1gp   1lb
Tent#                    10gp   5lb
Soap#                     5sp   1lb
Whetstone#                2cp   1lb
Acid#                    10gp   1lb
Alchemist's Fire#        20gp   1lb
Everburning Torch#      110gp   1lb
2 Antitoxins#           100gp   -lb
Explorer's Outfits#      10gp   2lb
Scholar's Outfit          5gp   1.5lb
Traveler's Outfit#        1gp   1lb
Handy Haversack        2000gp   5lb
[B]Total Weight:[/B]18.5lb (55.75lb in Haversack#)      [B]Money:[/B] 6gp 5sp 9cp

                           [B]Lgt   Med   Hvy  Lift  Push[/B]
[B]Max Weight:[/B]               19.5   39.75   60   120   300

[B]Age:[/B] 48
[B]Height:[/B] 3'2"
[B]Weight:[/B] 39lb
[B]Eyes:[/B] Blue-green
[B]Hair:[/B] Red
[B]Skin:[/B] Fair
Appearance: Groswen is a short fiery gnome with hair to match. She typically wears her long deep purple coat with patches of padded bright orange fabric along the shoulders, arms and sides. Underneath she has a set of studded leather that she keeps in good repair at the local tailor. With her latest assignment she has been given a Handy Haversack from the Chronicle which has everything an adventuring soul would need, not that she knows how to use any of it. Groswen is very opinionated, but also very good at providing an unbiased account of events, for which her readers and editors both appreciate. She maintains the typical listener attitude that most gnome share, but when given the opportunity she will also let those around her know exactly what she thinks.

Background: Having studied at an Akashic Academy in the University of Korranberg, she became an avid reader and occasionally writer for the Korranberg Chronicle. When she graduated, she was hired by the Chronicle as a correspondent in Sharn. Travelling to the city of Towers, she began writing a regular column about the events around Morgrave University. Her penchant for academia and knowledge served her well as she brought stories of Sharn to the Five Kingdoms.

Her appointment to Sharn was no coincidence, while at university she had come across several pieces of information regarding illegal bribery being used in the merchant’s ward of the city. Her Akashic talents granted her access to information that few had ever come across. Careful not to let on what she knew to her collegues, she contacted a member of the Trust. The Trust was immediately interested in her story and was very grateful for her having kept the scandal to herself and not publishing it. In return for the information that she gave them the Triumvirate granted her a high level position in the Chronicle. When the Trust clamped down on the bribery ring, Groswen was very glad to take an appointment out of Zilargo.

Currently she has been given an assignment to do an expose on the trafficking of Xendrix artifacts in and around Morgrave University. To the University of Korranberg, such tomb raiding is a sacrilege, yet it is such an open market within Sharn. To that end she has joined an expedition heading to the fabled dark continent to see what wonders can be brought back for herself. She has already done quite a thorough study of the shops in Upper Menthis.


Jonas Temm, Human Akashic 1 / Unfettered 2

Jonas Temm, male human akashic1/unfettered 2: medium humanoid (human); HD 1d6+2d8; hp 15 [disabled 0, dying -10]; Init +2; Spd 30 ft.; AC 17 (18 vs. 1 opponent), touch 13, flat-footed 14 [+2 dex, +4 armor, +1 dodge, +1 parry vs. 1 opponent]; Bab: +2; Atk +5 melee (spikestick 2d6, x3) or +6 ranged (crossbow 1d8, 19-20/x2); SQ Skill Memory +2, Parry; SV Fort +0, Ref +5, Will +2; Str 10, Dex 14, Con 10, Int 14, Wis 10, Cha 16.

Intimidate: 20 [8], Bluff: 11 [6], Diplomacy: 11 [6], Disguise: 11 [6], Gather Information: 9 [6], Open Lock: 6 [4], Sneak: 8 [6], Search: 6 [4], Tumble: 6 [4], Disable Device: 6 [4], Sense Motive: 4 [4]

Languages: Common, Giant, Faen

Feats: Skill Focus (intimidate) [human], Affinity with Skill (intimidate) [talent], Skill Application (intimidate/bluff) [ceremony], Weapon Finesse [3rd], Weapon Focus (repeating crossbow) [unfettered 2]

Gear: MW long spikestick, MW Devanian repeating crossbow, 5 bolt clips (25 bolts), leather coat, backpack (3 sunrods, signal whisle, 2 belt pouches, waterskin, flint & steel, disguise kit, MW thieves tools), light horse, riding saddle, bit & bridle, 2 saddlebags, bedroll, winter blanket, 1 vial of Alchemist's Fire. 4 pp, 6 gp, 6 sp.

Amulet of Loerwen: 1/day on command the user may cast directed charm upon one target within medium range.
Faint Enchantment; Caster Level: 1st; Craft Constant Item, directed charm; Price: 800gp.

Bowl of Health: When filled with water and used in a cleansing ritual, it casts hygiene on the user. It can be used one time per day in this manner.
Faint Transmutation; Caster Level: 1st; Craft Constant Item, directed charm; Price: 200gp.

History: Jonas Temm is the son of a noble family in Ka-Rone. Both he and his sister, Kalidra, are unhappy with the way things are in the capital. Their parents were re-instated into their positions of power following the liberation by the giants. Families like the Temms were very grateful to the giants for giving them back their heredatory power. These nobles owed all their current wealth and status to the giants. Their sycophantic attitudes were extremely distressing to Jonas. He resented his parents and those like them.

When he was young he stole away on a merchant vessel heading out to sea. Without the trappings of wealth he found that he needed money to survive and that his quick wit and demanding nature came in very handy. The ship he was on travelled to Ao-Manasa, far away from his home town. There he joined the Denebriath, an Akashic's guild when he discovered his talent with the memory delving skills espoused by the guild. He was never very satisfied with their stiff bureaucratic approach, though mostly because they wouldnt let him move into the Outer Circle. As an Associate of the Guild, he made money through various enterprises in the city. His talent lay in his ability to use his forceful personality to make people believe anything he wanted them too.

After his dissappointment with the akashic's guild, he fell in with some of the rougher sort down in the Worm, the darker part of town. There he learned very quickly that his talents held much power among the downtrodden. He learned to fight from an old faen pirate named, Traemylin. Last week however things turned bad and he felt it would be best if he were to dissappear for a while. He managed to get a job with a caravan company heading north to a gold-digging site as a guard. Once there he set out to find some new money making enterprise well away from his acquaintances in Ao-Manasa.


Jhadqi, Verrik Greenbond 1

Khorat Jhadqi - Truename: Teqathis (known by his brother), male verrik Greenbond 1: medium humanoid (verrik); HD 1d6+1; hp 7 [disabled -1, dying -12]; Init +1; Spd 30 ft.; AC 17, touch 11, flat-footed 16 [+4 armor, +2 shield, +1 dex]; Bab: +0; Atk +0 melee (halfspear 1d6, x3) or +1 ranged (halfspear 1d6, x3); SA spell-like abilities; SQ verrik qualities, nature sense, infuse with life; SV Fort +1, Ref +1, Will +5; Str 10, Dex 13, Con 12, Int 12, Wis 17, Cha 11.

Skills and Feats: [Armour Check Penalty -4] Concentration +5 (4 ranks), Heal +5 (2 ranks), Knowledge (nature) +3 (2 ranks), Listen +5 (2 ranks), Speak Language (Common, Verrik, Litorian), Wilderness Survival +5 (2 ranks); Blessed Mage, Modify Spell

Spell-like abilities(Sp): 1/day - contact, sense thoughts, telekinesis (lesser) caster level: 1
Verrik qualities(Ex): sensory control.
Nature sense(Ex): can identify plants and animals.
Infuse with life(Sp): 3/day, he can heal by touch for 1d8+1hp.

Spells (Slots: 3/2) Currently readied: 0th - bash, canny effort, detect magic, glowglobe (lesser), hygiene, saving grace; 1st - distraction, mind stab, obscuring mist, transfer wounds (lesser).

Gear: Adventuring pack (bedroll, flint & steel, signal whisle, backpack, 2 belt pouches, waterskin, 2 days rations) (7gp, 9sp), Half-spear (1gp), long shield (20gp), chainshirt (100gp), 11 sp.

Khorat woke suddenly to a loud scream echoing from his brother's room. He ran quickly to the next room where his brother lay in bed.

"Whats wrong Xren?", he said as he entered.

His brother struggled to sit up, the heavy covers tangling his frail deformed body. Khorat's dreams had always taunted him but to his brother the dreams spoke. His brother was always able to see the truth in his dreams, though he had paid a terrible price for it. Xren turned to look in his direction and Khorat gasped, there in the middle of his brother's forehead was a large unblinking eye gazing straight through him.

"I have seen it, in my dreams, Teq... I have seen the answer. The curse, I know the key, I know how to cure our curse." stammered Xren.

"What do you mean? What are you talking about Xren? What has happened to you?" Khorat said as he sat down next to his brother, helping him to sit despite his broken and wracked frame.

"Teq, the curse, the curse of Xyphon, I have seen the key to our cure. All of the akashics who dive into our history searching for information from the Vnaxians, they are all wrong. So are the ones who try to coax magic from bones, dusts and bat droppings. The key is in the Green. The Green that the humans always go on about, that is the key. Everything and everyone are all connected, dont you see, we are all apart of one great whole. The world, the trees, you, me, we are all one and it is in that acceptance of the one that we will find the answer. The Green will lead us to it! It will help us to realise that we have always known the answer."

Khorat struggled with what his brother was trying to explain. Sure he had heard of the humans and the spirits, the need to protect the life of nature and all that, but Verrik did not put much stock into those claims. Over the next five years, Khorat sat with his brother and they spoke about what he had seen that day in his dreams, what had awoken in him - in that eye. Over time his brother was able to coax the spirits out of the ground right there in his room. Together they experimented and theorised.

One day a few years ago Khorat felt a pull from the Green. He had grown to understand some of the powers the Green held and he tried to meditate upon the enlightenment that his brother had spoken of all those years before. But that day was different, he went to his brother to explain that he needed to go and travel the world. He would follow the call in his efforts to find the key to ending the curse which afflicted his people.

His brother was already sitting up in bed a single tear rolled down from his unblinking eye, past his left eyes and down his cheek. "I am so proud brother, that you have been chosen by the Way to search out the answers. I will treasure you always and I know that we shall see each other again for I have seen it in my dreams."

Khorat left that day, pulled by the spirits, by the Green, hoping that where ever they took him they would show him the key to healing the curse of his people, the curse his brother suffered so heavily from.

Personality: Khorat is a little different than most Verrik, while many choose to encourage the feelings of strangeness other races feel, he tries to be more friendly and engaging. His connection to the Green has brought him to realize that everyone and everything is one and that it is useless to struggle against that bond. However, he still labours under the curse, others still find it difficult to relate to him finding him a little strange and enigmatic. He is content to know that someday he will be lead to the answer he seeks and then he will be free of the prejudice others have against him and his race.

Description: Standing at only 4'6" and weighing 90lbs he is very slight for a Verrik. He shows minor signs of the physical deformities that his brother is afflicted with, mostly in his stature. He is 28 years old though his face looks older as he has lived outdoors in the Central Plains and the Bitter Peaks for the past three years. He wears his long, thin silvery hair down past his shoulders and his skin is a slightly lighter shade of red than most Verrik. His clothing and pack show signs of rough use, having travelled with them for hundreds of miles. He wears his chainshirt and shield, a gift from mercenaries that he helped once. His halfspear is often used as a walking stick rather than a weapon.



Korenmalekh, Kalashtar Psion (Telepath) 1

Male Kalashtar Psion(Telepath) 1: HD 1d4; hp 4; Init +2 (+2 Dex); Spd 30ft.; AC 14 (+2 armor, +2 dex) touch 12, flat-footed 12; Bab/Grapple: +0/-1; Atk -1 melee (1d4-1, 19-20/x2, dagger) or +2 ranged (1d8, 19-20/x2, 80ft, light crossbow); AL CG; SV Fort +0 (+0 Con), Ref +2 (+2 Dex), Will +1 (-1 Wis); Str 8, Dex 14, Con 10, Int 18, Wis 8, Cha 14. Height 5ft. 10in., Weight 146 lbs., 47 years old. Raven black hair, dark blue eyes. XP 0

Skills/Feats: Concentration +4, Knowledge(psionics) +6, Psicraft +6, Bluff +8, Diplomacy +11, Gather Information +6, Sense Motive +3, Disguise +2 (+2 as a human), Intimidate +4, Speak Language (Common, Quor, Draconic, Riedran, Elven, Gnome), Spot +1, Listen +1. Enlarge Power, Psicrystal Affinity.

Class/Race Features: club, dagger, crossbow, shortspear, quarterstaff proficiency. Immune to dream spells, 1 extra power point/level, mindlink 1/day, +2 saves vs. mind-affecting spells and abilities and possession.

Psionics: 5pp;
1st – psionic charm, conceal thoughts, mind thrust

Possessions: light crossbow, 10 bolts, dagger, leather armor, 2 vials of alchemist’s fire, courtier’s outfit (at home), 5 sunrods, 50' hemp rope, traveler's outfit. Encumbrance: 38 lbs (light=26, medium=52)
Coins: 25gp sp cp

Psicrystal: Friendly (+3 Diplomacy); Diminutive Construct; HD: 1d4 (hp 2); Init: +2; Speed: 30 ft. Climb 20ft.; Armor Class: 16 (+4 size, +2 Dex*), touch 16, flatfooted 14; Bab/Grapple: +0/-17; SQ: Construct traits, hardness 8, psicrystal granted abilities (improved evasion, personality, self-propulsion, share powers, sighted, telepathic link); Saves: As master’s saves; Abilities: Str 1*, Dex 15*, Con -, Int 6, Wis 10, Cha 10
Skills: Climb +14*, Listen +6, Move Silently +6, Search +2, Spot +6; Alertness.

Description: Korenmalekh is tall and skinny as so many of his kind. His long raven black hair is thin, but flows long and straight down his back. He has very deep dark blue eyes that are sometimes unnerving to others. While his looks may be slightly exotic, he has gotten along quite well in Sharn fitting in with the nobility due to his charm and intelligence. A little slow on the uptake, Koren has gotten into trouble a few times for spouting off when he shouldn’t have.

History: Korenmalekh is a Kalashtar who has only recently fled Riedra about 25 years ago. He spent the later part of the Last War in Sharn hobnobbing with nobility and insinuating himself into the high culture there. He has made many friends and contacts in Sharn. (this will be updated with more info hopefully from joint backgrounds with other characters)


Mohgrym Xothaerin, Shield Dwarf Psion (Nomad) 11

Mohgrym Xothaerin, Lawful Good Male Shield Dwarf Psion
Nomad 11 (CR 11)
XP: 55,800/66,000

Speed: 20ft. (30ft. with Boots of Striding and Springing)
HD: 11d4+44 (Psion)
HP: 88 hp (Max)

Str: 10 (0)
Dex: 14 (+2)
Con: 18 (+4) [+2 racial]
Int: 24 (+7) [+4 hat, +2 increase]
Wis: 10 (0)
Cha: 10 (0) [-2 racial]

Base Attack: +5 (Psion)

AC: 18 (dex +2, armor +6) flat-footed: 16, touch 12
Initiative: +2 (+2 Dex)
Fort +10 [+3 psion, +4 Con, +3 cloak]
Ref +8 [+3 psion, +2 Dex, +3 cloak]
Will +12 [+7 psion, +2 psicrystal, 0 Wis, +3 cloak]

Light Crossbow (Masterwork) +8 ranged, 1d8, 19-20/x2
Silver Dagger (Masterwork) +6 melee, 1d4, 19-20/x2

Skills: [99 Psion, max: 14/7]
Autohypnosis +14, [+0 Wis, +14 ranks]
Balance +7 [+2 Dex, + 5 ranks]
Concentration +18, [+4 Con, +14 ranks]
Craft (metalworking) +17, [+7 Int, +10 ranks]
Listen +7, [CC][0 Wis, +7 ranks]
Knowledge (psionics) +21, [+7 Int, +14 ranks]
Psicraft +21, [+7 Int, +14 ranks]
Spot +7 [CC][0 Wis, +7 ranks]

Creature Capacitor* (+11pp),
Empowered Psicrystal# (+10pp),
Psionic Talent (+2 basepp),
Expanded Knowledge (clairvoyant sense)
Psychic Meditation (3rd Eye)# (+11pp),
Psicrystal Affinity
Expanded Knowledge (energy ball)

Special Abilities:
Dwarven Traits(Ex): Darkvision 60ft., stonecutting, +2 saves vs. poison, +2 saves vs. spells and spell-like effects, +1 attack vs. Orcs and Goblinoids, +4 dodge bonus vs. Giants, +4 stability bonus vs. bullrush & overrun

Psicrystal: Resolve (+2 will saves), Power Storing, Energized Crystal, Discipline Focus, Int 10

Bag of Holding 1, 2500gp
Boots of Striding and Springing, 5500gp - worn
Cloak of Resistance +3, 9000gp - worn
Dorje of Detect Hostile Intent(50), 4500gp - belt
Dorje of Force Screen(50), 750gp - belt
Hat of Intelligence +4, 16000gp - worn
Mithril Shirt of Phasing +2
(leveled item, 2,700xp spent), 5100gp - worn
masterwork lightcrossbow, 335gp - belt
masterwork crossbow bolts (50), 350gp - belt
masterwork silver dagger, 310gp - belt
standard equipment (clothes, belt pouches (2), 50' hemp rope, flint and steel, water skin, blanket, backpack, 10 sunrods), 17.5gp - bag of holding
Torc of Power Preservation, 36000gp - worn
Potion of Cure Serious Wounds - bag of holding
Potion of Restoration - bag of holding
2637gp, 5sp - bag of holding

Languages known: Dwarven, Common, Undercommon, Elvish, Drow, Goblin, Orc, Giant, Draconic.

Powers (146 Power Points; 32 reserve points):
1st - burst, detect psionics, detect teleportation, mind thrust, vigor;
2nd - clairvoyant sense, psionic knock, sustenance, psionic levitate, psionic tongues;
3rd - dispel psionics, touchsight, time hop, psionic blast;
4th - psionic dimensional anchor, psionic fly, temporal concussion, wall of ectoplasm, energy ball;
5th - psychic crush, psionic true seeing, psionic plane shift, psionic teleport
6th - temporal acceleration

Primary Discipline: Psychoportation; Mindscapes Mode Check Bonus: +7; Restive Mind: acumen screen +0.

History: Mohgrym was born to an ancient line of Shield Dwarves in the North. He can trace his ancestry back to the last ruling kings of the ancient kingdom of Xothaerin which was abandoned after the fall of Deep Shanatar. He is very proud of his heritage and he strives to bring honour to his family name. His mithril shirt is one of the remaining heirlooms that he carries from the ancient line of his ancestors. He has long been a vassal of the Prince and accompanies him on his travels where ever he goes. Mohgrym found his way into service with the Prince when he managed to defeat a feral great orc who had led raids on the area for many years.

Personality: Mohgrym is very quick for a dwarf, his agility has proven useful in his battles allowing him to move to positions that would best suit his talents. He is a very determined individual, noble in spirit.

Description: At 4'8" and 193lbs, Mohgrym is signficantly larger than his fellow Gold Dwarf companions. He has thick long greasy black hair and a well trimmed beard. He is always dressed in fine clothing. He carries a crossbow and dagger and wears his mithril shirt in the open displaying his proud heritage engraved on the shirt. He is 68 years old and still looks quite young. While on the heavy side he moves extremely quickly and sometimes uses misconceptions about his weight to his advantage. He is an ardent follower of Marthammor Duin, believing as many expatriates do, that the Finder of Trails will eventually lead them home.

Tactics: In battle he is keenly aware of tactics and position often using his abilities to put himself into an advantageous spot and direct his ranged attacks at those who pose the greatest threat to his companions.

Edit notes: added old character sheet to show changes and highlight the differences between 3.0 and 3.5

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