Esper Genesis Core Manual

5 out of 5 rating for Esper Genesis Core Manual

Esper Genesis is great for players that like 5e. The book is solid, with thick pages, astounding cover art, and no binding issues. It shares a lot of 5e's faults, but those are few and far between. What's fun about EG to me is the ability to mesh D&D fantasy and EG sci-fi and the simplicity of 5e's ruleset. All 8 EG classes are fun to GM for and well-balanced (I have yet to play any them, but I have GMed 60+ hours of EG). The races are well-balanced and interesting too. Space combat is decent too since it's run like regular combat, but the ships in the core rulebook are severely lacking in my opinion. I've had to create a lot of content for EG 5e by converting the Starfinder Dead Suns adventure path, but my group and I are having tons of fun. The art in the EG book is kinda meh sometimes, and not baking environmental protections into armor is kinda silly for a sci-fi game. Hopefully, with the release of the Threats Database and Master Technician's Guide, the game should only grow and become something really special.


5 out of 5 rating for Esper Genesis Core Manual

Esper Genesis is an excellent full of great story potential set in an interesting universe. The Species are varied an interesting and it uses the 5e D&D ruleset excellently. It is fun, fast, and easy to play.

The art is brilliant as well.

Great game.