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'Everything Is a Story' Inside Wyrmwood Gaming's Narcissistic Funhouse

Teo Twawki

Coffee ruminator

Curiouser and curiouser. We had very minor dealings with this company a few years ago. Tried to buy some gourmet dice from them. They never shipped the dice we bought and after a few emails, stopped replying to us. We took it up with our bank and after a few months, got a refund from the bank, but never heard back from the company.

A friend once told me: How you do anything is how you do everything.

Seems that might be true of Wyrmwood.

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What a sleezy, deeply unethical company. The executives are sexual harrasers who underpay and exploit their employees, promote based on nepotism and favoritism, and maintain an extremely unsafe working environment on many levels. Will backers care, or is it just about more conspicuous consumption for them?

The Wyrmwood customers who know all this and decide to purchase anyway are not rebels; they are simply rewarding bad behavior. This machine grinds up hardworking, blue-collar workers and spits them out, bloody and traumatized.

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