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This is a list of ex-employees of WotC and their current jobs. Note that there are hundreds of such employees. This list goes back to about 2000, and isn't intended to cover all ex-TSR employees. It's here to help you find your favourite D&D designers and check out the awesome gaming stuff they're likely still making!

Be sure to also check out our page From TSR to WotC: A History of D&D.
Last Job at WotC
Current CompanyProject
Lisa Stevens2000Brand Manager, Star Wars RPGLay off
Wizards Lay-offs: Lisa Stevens
Paizo PublishingPathfinder
Peter Adkison2001CEOVoluntary
Peter Adkison's Open Latter, 2000
Gen Con
Monte Cook
Monte Cook worked for WotC on two separate occasions. He left voluntarily in 2001 to form Malhavoc Press. He returned to WotC to work on D&D Next a decade later, and left voluntarily in 2012 and formed Monte Cook Games.
2001Senior Designer, 3EVoluntarywiki]Monte Cook GamesNumenera
Ryan Dancey2001Vice PresidentVoluntary
Ryan Dancey Steps Down as D&D Brand Manager
GoblinworksPathfinder Online
Owen K.C. Stephens2001Designer, Star Wars RPGLay offSuper Genius Games
Jim Butler2001Creative DirectorTroon WorldsRIFT
Chris Pramas2002Creative Director for Miniatures R&DLay offI choose you, Pramas-chu!Green Ronin PublishingMutants & Masterminds, Dragon Age RPG, A Song of Ice and Fire,
True20, Freeport, and more
Skip Williams2002Senior Designer, 3ELay offFreelancing
Skip Williams freelanced for WotC in 2013, writing the A0 AD&D adventure for the special edition Against the Slave Lords reprint
Penny Williams2002Lay offCrystal Unicorn Enterprises
JD Wiker2002Lead Designer, Star Wars RPGLay offThe Game Mechanics
Jeff Grubb2002DesignerLay offArenaNetGuild Wars 2
Sean K Reynolds2002DesignerLay offPaizo PublishingPathfinder
Stan! (Stan Brown)2002DesignerLay off/RehiredSuper Genius Games, WotC
Stan! had a contract expire and due to the wording had to leave for 6 months. Offered full-time, but required not self-publishing other games. [Part 1 Part 2 Part 3]
Anthony Valterra2003Brand Manager, D&DLay off
Anthony Valterra breaks his silence
North Seattle Community College
Charles Ryan2005Brand Manager, D&DLay off
Charles Ryan (and others) out at WotC?
Monte Cook GamesNumenera
Scott Rouse2008Brand Manager, D&DLay off
Thank You
Jennifer Paige2008Online Community ManagerLay offMicrosoft
Julia Martin2008EditorLay offMicrosoft
Linae Foster2008Associate Brand ManagerLay offPassport Game Studios
Dave Noonan2008DesignerLay offSasquatch GamesPrimeval Thule
Jonathan Tweet2008Lead Designer, 3ELay offFire Opal Media13th Age
Rob Heinsoo2009Lead Designer, 4ELay offFire Opal Media13th Age
Logan Bonner2009DesignerLay offPaizo Publishing
Logan Bonner freelanced for WotC extensively for 4E before joining Paizo full-time.
Chris Sims2009DesignerLay off
Andy Collins2010DesignerVoluntaryGazillion Entertainment
Torah Cottril2010EditorLay off
Bill Slavicsek2011Director of RPG Design & DevelopmentLay offZeniMax Online StudiosThe Elder Scrolls Online
Michele Carter2011Editing Manager, D&D GroupLay off
Richard Baker2011RPG Group ManagerLay offSasquatch Games
Rich Baker freelanced for WotC on the Search for the Diamond Staff season of D&D Encounters before joining Sasquatch.
Primeval Thule
Stephen Schubert2011Development Manager, D&DLay offSasquatch GamesPrimeval Thule
Steve Winter2011DesignerLay off/RehiredWizards of the Coast
Steve Winter freelanced for WotC after departing, then joined as a contractor in 2013.
Monte Cook
Monte Cook worked for WotC on two separate occasions. He left voluntarily in 2001 to form Malhavoc Press. He returned to WotC to work on D&D Next a decade later, and left voluntarily in 2012 and formed Monte Cook Games.
2012Designer, D&D NextVoluntary
Monte Cook Leaves WotC: No Longer Working on D&D Next
Monte Cook GamesNumenera
Kim Mohan2012DesignerRetired
WotC's Kim Mohan Retires; reviews of THE LOST DUTCHMAN and SEASONS; plus Why Do You DM?
Bruce Cordell2013DesignerVoluntary
Bruce Cordell leaves WotC
Rodney Thompson2016Developer, D&DVoluntaryBungie

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Rob Heinsoo and Jonathan Tweet do not work for Pelgrane. They have their own thing, Fire Opal Media. Pelgrane is simply the publisher for 13th Age.

Also, Jeff Grubb's name has two Bs/.


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I don't follow the goings-on at WotC much since 4E was released, so I wasn't aware of what some of these respected designers were doing. This list gives me a few new game publishers to check out. Thanks for that.


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Jeff Grubb is a story designer on Guild Wars 2 for ArenaNet
Anthony Valterra is a grant manager at North Seattle Community College
Andy Collins is a story designer for Gazillion Entertainment


Rich Baker was RPG Group Manager - responsible for all the designers and whatnot - before he was so rudely backstabbed.

It doesn't seem there is any animosity and I doubt "rudely backstabbed" captures the reality. After leaving he worked with Wizards as a freelancer to write the current season of D&D Encounters. This is pretty typical and something that is hard to capture on the list. For example, Steve Winter worked for Wizards, transitioned to being on the editorial staff for Dragon and Dungeon, then was let go. Stan! was hired as a contractor to do the same work, but due to a strange contract had to leave after a certain amount of time. He was replaced by... Steve Winter. Another example is Chris Sims. He was laid off, worked as a freelancer for both Wizards and Paizo, and then was hired back on as Wizards.

We really don't know the whole story behind any of the firings or voluntary leavings. As with any of our workplaces, why an employee stays or leaves is often a mix of how an employee fits a need at a particular time, how the employee likes their job, and how their performance is viewed by others. And of course, you have interpersonal relationships. Nothing suggests Wizards is a terrible employer - people that leave tend to continue working with them and often come back. It remains the premiere place to work in the industry and the list above shows how good a job it does at seeding the industry - great for our hobby!


And it probably does bear mentioning for some above when they continue to work with Wizards. Chris Sims is shown as laid off above, but is a current employee (rehired after freelancing for WotC and others). Logan Bonner freelanced on tons of 4E work before becoming full time at Paizo. Richard Baker has freelanced for Wizards since leaving. Steve Winter has freelanced for Wizards and is now a contractor on-site for them (essentially doing what he did when he left). Stan! was recently a contractor but had to end due to contract wording. It won't shock anyone to see him back. Skip Williams recently worked as a freelancer for the A-0 adventure.

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