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D&D 5E Explain: Mordenkainen's Monsters of the Multiverse


What is it? Who is it for? Why should someone who has Volos and Tome of Foes purchase this? How is the information different than those previous books?

NOTE: the purpose of this thread is to be purely informational. There are other threads for different kinds of arguments regarding this book. All I am looking to do here is create a concise repository of basic facts that can help people (like, but not limited to, me) decide whether to buy this book. Thanks for your cooperation!

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Goblin Queen (She/Her/Hers)
I don’t have the book either, but I understand that the general gist of the changes is adding class tags, adding “typically” to monster alignments, some type changes, and streamlining monster spellcasting - spells that directly affect a monster’s CR are reworked into abilities that are incorporated right into the stat block, spell lists are reworked, and spells are changed to long rest or short rest recovery instead of X/day. Also some tweaks to non-spell abilities, for example False Appearance now gives an Intelligence (Investigation) DC to determine that the creature is animate, and grants the creature advantage on Initiative if it’s motionless at the start of combat.


Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal
The book has collected (from more than just Volo's and Tome of Foes) a large number of non-PHB races and updated them to both the current state of races (floating ASI, no alignment/age/etc, move 1d4 natural weapons to 1d6 unarmed strikes, [PROF] times per day instead of X per short rest, etc.). It has also taken the stat blocks (not the extensive lore sections) from Volo's and Tome of Foes and updated those tot he new style that debuted in Witchlight. Basically spellcasting has been greatly simplified and cut down, and a number of what used to be spells are now powers that can be reused, and also aren't spells anymore so aren't subject to anti-spell like Globe of Invulnerability or Counterspell.


B/X Known World
What are those rule changes and updates?
The included PC races are updated to what is apparently the new paradigm for 5.5. Basically the format we've seen in Witchlight and Fizban's. The monster stat blocks have been updated to make them hit at their weight class instead of their damage being hidden in spells that some DM's skipped over. There's also some tweaks to the math and actions. A lot of the lore has been dropped to make space for all the stuff from both books.


Goblin Queen (She/Her/Hers)
Yes, we have seen the monster stat blocks.
I think they’re asking if it has been confirmed that they don’t count as spells and are therefore immune to counterspell and such. To which the answer is still yes, but the stat block alone doesn’t tell us that. Jeremy Crawford confirmed it in some video or other though.

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