D&D 5E Explain: Mordenkainen's Monsters of the Multiverse


I'm starting to wonder if the 2024 "revisited" Setting will be a new Eberron product, say a Sandbox Adventure in Xen'drik with lot of local color and a large bestiary updating the Monsters of the Setting, and new versions of Warforged and Deagonmsrks to fit the new Race & Background Feat Tree regimes...and maybe Dominaria next year for the Magic 30th Anniversary.
I still think a Forgotten Realms update is most likely for 2024 (at which point SCAG becomes "Legacy Content"), but since some Eberron options have yet to get the post-Tasha/MOTM treatment, I can't rule this out either.

Of course, we may see both...

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Could you clarify this a bit, wont i be able to tell (or discern) their approximate level and still swap spells?

I mean for example, if they have fireball on the list, I know they are at least 5th level, right?
They really won't have spell lists anymore. They have specific spells x/day and an at-will attack spell or two. They won't have fireball listed unless that's their go to at-will spell. Since they won't give at-will to their highest level spell, a caster that could theoretically cast fireball might only have burning hands as their at-will spell. Note this also prevents any upcasting too.


Sure, but WotC clearly wants you to stop thinking of them as spells.
Yeah, but so what? What WotC wants and what you want as a DM have nothing to do with each other. I mean heck, if WotC decided to stop having any NPCs and creatures wield longswords throughout all their books, does that mean every DM out there would have to stop including longswords too? That they couldn't create their own NPCs that wielded longswords? Of course not. The exact same reason that DMs right now can continue to use caster statblocks from the original MM if they really need their monsters to have spell slots and be "real spells" from "real spell lists" so that they can be assured they are counterspellable. Or that they can just treat these spell-effect features in the new statblocks as spells like they pretty much are, and let players counter them.

WotC and their books do not need to 100% agree with our gaming preferences. They don't have to, and they won't. Because every person's preferences are different so any book that is made will never be "one size fits all". So if we just accept that as a a universal truth and then adjust the game as we individually need to so that things work the way we each want... we'd all be a lot happier and a lot better off.

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