Eye of the beholder on GBA with D&D 3e rules


I had this news on a french website

If someone has a link toward an english website it could interest some people

Anyway, here are the screenshot


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It's been about a dozen years since I spoke/read French, but here's my best shot...

The oldest gamers surely remember Eye of the Beholder, an adventure game which debuted in the 90s and takes place in the Dungeons and Dragon’s universe. This hit from SSI is being adapted for the GBA by Pronto Games (developer) and Infogrames (publisher). If the game risks not attracting the younger gamers weaning from Golden Sun, this game with minimalist graphics risks finding [a core audience among hardcore roleplayers] (unsure of translation). …Adventure is seen right from the first person, followed by exploration of dungeons...

...the game is expected in November.

Ok, yeah, I got tired of trying to translate it out. But I found this page: http://gameboy.gamezone.com/gamesell/p20273_GBA.htm.

I couldn't find any mention of the current games at the developer's (small) website, and a quick glance revealed nothing at infogrames.com

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