D&D 5E Favored Soul Cleric Spells with Metamagic


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I've seen in a couple of threads that the utility of the cleric spell list could be better with metamagic applied. Unfortunately, I've not seen any mentions of the noteworthy interactions. So, I think I will start a thread on the topic.

Revivify (twinned) saves on the 300 gp diamond material component that gets consumed. You do have to drag the bodies close, since the range is touch.

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If you use a feat to gain a familiar you can touch one body and the familiar the other to revify at a distance between bodies.

Extend Conjure Celestial can double the time you can enjoy the use of a celestial.

Sublte Spell Geas means no one knows your casting it.

Twinned True Resurrection.

Extend Aid (the increased HP maxium lasts 16 hours instead of 8).

Twinned Sancuary can protect two Characters.

Twinned Lesser/Greater Restoration can cure two characters instead of just one (effient). The Divine Soul is arguably better at curing conditions things then clerics. You can also do Distance Lesser/Greater Restoration.

Empowered Extended Spiritual Guardians, last 20 instead of 10 minutes and you can reroll you Charisma of Damage dice.

Twinned Create Undead, if you cast it on a dead body using a version of the spell that would only have one target you can cast it on a second.

Twinned Planeshift can be used to Planeshift two enemies.

Heightened or Distance Contagion.

Twinned Empowered Guiding Bolt.

Twinned Command means you can give a command to two targets.

You can use Subtle Conjure Celestial to Conjure a Couatl around a corner out of sight then command it via its telepathy to use its shape shifting power to impersonate someone.

You can cast Empowered Holy Weapon.
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Twinning conjure celestial and/or planar ally would be good (although I would make you pay each ally), if your DM is okay with twinning working on those spells. They only affect one creature, and I suspect the main reason the sorcerer doesn't get any conjure X (or animate/create undead*) spells is because the devs assumed that you would be able to twin them....

* Except for finger of death, but that is pretty high level.

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